Matt Hancock’s net worth as he enters I’m A Celebrity for ‘huge’ fee

Former health secretary Matt Hancock is joining I’m A Celebrity for a reported hefty sum, so what is his current net worth?

In today’s news that the British public never expected: Matt Hancock is joining the I’m A Celebrity 2022 line-up. Yes, our former health secretary who resigned in June 2021 after he was spotted breaching social distancing guidelines.

He will reportedly be jetting off to Australia as a latecomer to the reality series, which will premiere on Sunday, November 6.

Hancock’s bombshell arrival has divided viewers as some are setting their hearts on voting for him on every bushtucker trial. Meanwhile, critics are blasting the politician for “abandoning his post”.

The Mirror reports that Hancock is receiving a “huge fee” for his appearance, but a political ally has told Reality Titbit that he will be donating a portion to charity.

Meanwhile, Birmingham Live also claims that he will continue to earn his £84K yearly salary as an elected MP, prompting questions over his current net worth.

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What is Matt Hancock’s net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of £5 million in 2022, which is more than double the estimated figure in 2020 at £705,000 – £2.1m ($1 – 3 million).

With such an impressive net worth, joining the show for a payout isn’t the reason.

A political ally says the West Suffolk MP is hoping to connect with the British public and use his reality TV exposure to engage the younger generation. He is also focused on spreading awareness about his dyslexia campaign, they added.

“Matt has always believed in communicating directly with the people he represents – whether that’s getting out and pounding the streets in West Suffolk, through all sorts of media, or via those press conferences,” the ally continued. “Matt doesn’t expect to serve in Government again, but he can support Rishi and the Government in different ways.”

Hancock will be donating a portion to Suffolk’s St Nicholas Hospice and will declare his total appearance fee to Parliament for complete transparency.

His exact I’m A Celeb salary is unknown at the time of writing, but PR expert Mark Borkowski tells Mail Online it’s an estimated £350K. If true, it is a significant difference to 2022’s top campmate, Boy George, who allegedly secured £500K.

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

The internet is in a meltdown over Matt Hancock’s upcoming jungle adventures

There are people who are thrilled for the next month of golden TV moments featuring Mr Hancock – imagine all the memes. Others, on the other hand, are considering the implications of his absence from parliament.

One joked: “Am I the only one worried about what my phone bill is going to be come December after all the calls to Im A Celeb to nominate Matt Hancock to eat a crocodile b****** on live national television?” We can’t all vote for him; save some for the other camp mates.

“Even though Matt Hancock is gonna be a late entrant, it’s pretty clear that he will be voted for most of these bushtucker trials. It’s going to be amazing TV,” a second added.

He’ll be the only one providing food to his camp in that case.

This user predicted Hancock’s jungle stint when he resigned last year:

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On the other side of Twitter, they’re frustrated with the signing:

“I am so so disappointed with your signing up of Matt Hancock! How could you do that after what he did and what he caused,” one complained.

“Matt Hancock isn’t a ‘celebrity’,” Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK wrote. “He’s the former health secretary who oversaw the UK having one of the highest death tolls in the world from covid-19 whilst breaking his own lockdown rules.”



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