Matt Packs His Bags, Says He’s Done with Colleen

Netflix gave us three new episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 this week, and just as expected, it looks like there’s trouble in paradise. The engaged couples have now moved into their shared living spaces and get to work planning their weddings. However, Love Is Blind stars Colleen and Matt hit a significant bump in their relationship and Matt considers calling everything off.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoilers regarding Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 1-7.]

‘Love Is Blind’ stars Matt and Colleen | Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022

‘Love Is Blind’ star Colleen connected with Cole and Brennon before accepting Matt’s proposal

When we first met Colleen in Love Is Blind, we watched as she quickly developed a connection with Brennon. She ranked him high on her list as someone she potentially saw a relationship with, but he felt something stronger with Alexa. Brennon ultimately proposed to Alexa, but Colleen still had Cole on her list. Unfortunately, when he asked her whether or not she wanted a deep relationship, Colleen said she preferred to keep things “surface-level.” Cole wanted someone who wanted to have deep conversations with so he broke it off with her too. Colleen decided to give Matt another shot, and the two felt a spark, and he eventually proposed.

Fans certainly haven’t taken to Colleen as a fan favorite this season on Love Is Blind. She annoyed several people on Reddit with her constant mention of her job as a ballerina. However, other people opted to give her the benefit of the doubt and said maybe Netflix edited her scenes only to make it seem like she only talked about that part of her life. Others slammed her for not wanting a deep relationship.

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Matt blew up at Colleen two different times in ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Episodes 5-7

In Love Is Blind Season 3 Episode 5, the couples joined one another for a pool party. While there, Cole and Colleen had a conversation that ruffled a few feathers in the group. Cole told Colleen that Zanab, his fiancé wasn’t typically his physical type and he wouldn’t have approached her if they met at a bar. When Colleen asked which girl had the body type he was normally attracted to, he replied, “You.” Colleen agreed and said the same thing.

Later that night, Matt expressed his frustration with the conversation between Colleen and Cole at the pool. Matt’s previous relationship ended poorly and he keeps his guard up with Colleen. However, after hearing about Colleen’s conversation at the pool, he told her, “I might be done.” The Love Is Blind couple made up the next day, but another blowup happened in episode 7.

Matt says, ‘There’s no f****** way I can marry this woman’

All of the pairs from season 3 met up at a local bar for a night out. Matt approached Zanab regarding the situation with Colleen and Cole, and the pair discussed things, but it seemed as though everyone smoothed everything over. In a following scene, after the couples seemingly returned for the night, Matt called Bartise.

Matt asked Nancy about Colleen’s whereabouts and she explained that Colleen went to a place called The Candleroom with some of the other girls. He exploded and said he knew that she went to the club because “going to the club was more important than coming home to her f****** boy.” After that, he told Bartise he was packing his bags and leaving.

Bartise attempts to calm Matt down, but Matt declares, “There’s no f****** I can marry this woman.” The episode closes out and fans have another week to wait before seeing what comes next.

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