Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Typical Day Starts With a Family Breakfast

A Family meal. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle start their days off by sitting down for breakfast with their children. While the Duchess of Sussex described mornings as something of a “whirlwind,” she enjoys making breakfast for her husband and their kids. 

Meghan Markle’s ‘whirlwind’ morning routine includes cooking breakfast for Prince Harry, Archie, and Lili

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The Duchess of Sussex shared a little bit about what life is like for her and Harry at their Montecito, California, home on Archetypes. In the Nov. 1 episode titled, “Good Wife/Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom,” Meghan said the “morning rush” includes breakfast for the whole family. 

“I make breakfast for all three of them. It’s very important to me. I love doing it,” Meghan said on her Spotify podcast referring to Harry, Archie, and Lili. “It just to me feels like the greatest way to start the morning.” 

“And then it’s like feed all three of the dogs because we just got another dog and then get Archie out the door to school,” she continued, saying “it feels like a whirlwind.”

Meghan also said she prepares Archie’s lunchbox.

Harry and Meghan work from home in a shared office

What about the rest of Meghan’s day after she makes breakfast? In an October 2022 Variety interview, the 41-year-old shared what a typical workday is like for her and Harry. 

“We share an office,” she said referring to their cream-colored home office often seen in video calls. “We work from home, as most people started to do during lockdown. It allows us to have significant time with our kids at this really special moment in their lives,” Meghan continued, saying they’ll “never get this time back.”

After Meghan makes breakfast and they “get the kids set for the day,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do a lot of work both together and separately. 

“We do a lot of joint calls and Zooms, but also try to divide what we can focus our energies on so we can accomplish even more,” Meghan explained. She went on to describe Harry as being on a “24-hour time zone where half of your life is waking up as the other half is going to sleep.”

Calling it the “reverse” of her experience living in the U.K., Meghan said Harry’s “very good at responding on text.” As for her, she tries to be “as fast as possible on email. I’ve always said, if it takes less than five minutes, do it now.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle previously said her ‘perfect day’ involved sleeping in, exercising, acting, and having dinner with friends

Before she became a parent — or a wife or a member of the British royal family — Meghan broke down what her “perfect day” would entail. 

“On my perfect day, I would wake up late, take my dogs for a walk, do some yoga and have a great sashimi lunch,” she told Best Health magazine in a May 2016 cover interview. 

“And, because I love to work, if I was able to go and shoot one scene, then that would be fantastic for a little creative impulse,” Meghan, who at the time starred on Suits as Rachel Zane, continued.

“Then I would have a really great dinner with friends. I love to cook. I’m pretty low-key. I travel so much that, in my downtime, I really relish the quiet,” she concluded. 

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