Murder of David Rathbun: Where are Jolene Hibbs and Charles Ausiello now?

Towards the end of 2017, David Rathbun’s family grew concerned when they could not reach him by phone. Suspecting something was wrong, they called the authorities and eventually discovered that David had been murdered. The first half of Discovery’s InvestigationIn Pursuit with John Walsh: Murder at the Mall’ focuses on what led to David’s murder and who the police believe was responsible. So, if you are curious about the same, we have got you covered.

How did David Rathbun die?

David Stuart Rathbun was born in November 1955 and has spent most of his life in New York. After his university studies, he worked for more than three decades as a CPA and tax director in an accounting firm. In July 2015, David moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to enjoy his retirement. At the time, he took up hiking and biking and joined a bowling club. Everything seemed to be going well for the 62-year-old, but things quickly changed about two years later.

As of mid-October 2017, David’s family members had not heard from him by phone. All they received were text messages that sounded suspicious. Soon they discovered that David’s house had been sold and there were transactions in his bank account. Thus, he was reported missing on October 16, 2017. Authorities eventually received a tip that led them to a mine shaft in a desert near Dolan Springs, Arizona. They found David’s decomposed remains and identified them through dental records. According to the show, the cause of death was undetermined, but police believe David was murdered.

Who Killed David Rathbun?

The family told police that David Rathbun met a woman online some time before he disappeared. Her name was Jolene Hibbs, with David telling her family that he wanted to help her because she had cancer and was unlucky. He eventually let Jolene and her boyfriend, Charlie Ausiello, live in his home. However, things seemed to have gotten worse when David told those close to him that he wanted Jolene and Charlie gone.

Throughout the first half of October, David’s daughters and others received nothing but text messages from him; they couldn’t talk to him on the phone. They later discovered that David’s Las Vegas home had been sold at market price, which seemed strange to them. In addition, David’s belongings, including his bicycle and a car, were sold. In 2018, authorities said there had been fraudulent activity on David’s bank account, which raised suspicions about what happened to him.

Police then searched David’s former home and discovered that the closet carpeting in one of the bedrooms did not match the rest of the house. Tests revealed evidence of blood, later confirmed to be David’s. Similarly, authorities found David’s blood in the trunk of his car which was sold. This led police to believe he may have been murdered. But it wasn’t until June 2018 that a tip led to more information.

According to the show, a man approached authorities, saying he knew Jolene and Charlie. He claimed that Jolene asked him to come to David’s house to clean up some of his things and asked for help moving what appeared to be a corpse wrapped in sheets. According to the tipster, they loaded the body into his vehicle and, as he drove, Jolene followed him. He mentioned he feared for his life, so he lost Jolene on a side road and threw the body down a mine shaft, where police eventually found the remains.

Where are Jolene Hibbs and Charles Ausiello today?

Authorities believed that Jolene Hibbs and Charles Ausiello killed David for his money. In 2018, they also discussed the search for a third unidentified person in connection with this case. It was reported that Jolene and Charles had a history of fraud-related arrests and convictions, and in 2020 they were charged with David’s murder. Police believed the duo were known to be visiting the Boulder Freeway corridor in Nevada. According to the show, Jolene and Charles are drug addicts and might look different now, in addition to not being a couple anymore.

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