Netflix Top 10 Report: “The Watcher,” “Someone Borrowed,” and “The Curse of Bridge Hollow”

Welcome to your weekly recap of the biggest stories of Netflix’s top 10 hourly figures for the week ending October 16, 2022.

Netflix updates its Top 10 Stats page weekly with 40 new hourly figures of the top movies and shows from the past 7 days. If you want to easily browse the top 10 hourly data, visit our tool.

Note: In this report of Netflix hours watched from October 10 to October 16, 2022, we will use “equivalent complete views” or CVE, expressed in millions. This means that we divide the hours seen announced by Netflix by the duration of the films or series. This allows for better comparisons between films and series, but it is not an audience measurement. This is the minimum number of views if they were all sold out from the first to the last second of the movie or season. However, in its last letter to shareholders, Netflix used the CVE metric to talk about The Gray Man, so this metric has value, however imperfect.

1. The Observer is watched – a lot.

Ryan Murphy strikes again. Hot on the heels of Dahmer’s success, The Watcher is also a hit on Netflix with 22.6M CVE in just four days, the highest launch for an English series launching on a Thursday on record.

How does it compare to DAHMER, which launched on a Wednesday? Well, The Watcher is off to a better start than DAHMER, racking up 22.2 million CVE in five days.

However, it’s hard to imagine The Watcher will follow in DAHMER’s footsteps any longer as the series doesn’t seem to have the momentum of its predecessor. Its audience ratings are not as good either (6.7/10 on IMDB for The Watcher against 8.1/10 on DAHMER).

Speaking of DAHMER, I predicted two weeks ago that the series would end its 28-day run around 92-98M CVE. After 26 days, it’s currently at 93.3 million CVE, which seems fair for the money.

2. The Curse of Bridge Hollow makes an expected debut that doesn’t say much

There’s something about Netflix’s American comedies that’s quite remarkable in the numbers they get:

Or they are meant to achieve global appeal. They are aimed at a much more US-centric audience.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow, starring Marlon Wayans, is in the second category, as expected, should I say.

With 16.6 million CVEs in its first three days, it’s tied with A Madea Homecoming starring Tyler Perry and above Home Team starring Kevin James, two movies that I would also classify as comedy-centric movies. United States.

If you want your movie to travel, you need stars like Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg (34.2 M CVE in three days for Me Time) or Rebel Wilson (29.7 M CVE in three days for Senior Year).

3. Someone Borrowed shows that it’s always the summer of love somewhere in the world.

Netflix is ​​a global platform, and sometimes that fact is easy to overlook.

But Someone Borrowed is here to remind us that even though the Summer of Love is over in our Western parts, it’s only just begun in the Southern Hemisphere. The Brazilian romantic comedy premiered last Tuesday and racked up 15.4 million CVEs in six days, making it the best debut for an international film released on a Tuesday since Netflix began releasing its weekly numbers.