Netflix Top 100: The Watcher and The Curse of Bridge Hollow Top Charts

This week, two new titles take the top spots in Netflix’s global top 100. Below, we’ll list the 50 greatest movies and series with The Watcher and The Curse of Bridge Hollow taking the top spots.

FlixPatrol compiles this list for What’s on Netflix. This is a data site that captures the Netflix top 10 from 89 countries around the world to give us the top 50 movies and top 50 series. How do points work? Well, if a series is number 1 in Spain, it gets 10 points. If he is in position 10 on any day, he receives 1 point. All these points are totaled daily and then on Sunday evening for the weekly top 100.

This list gives us a look at Netflix’s Top 10 Tuesday Night Reports which will reveal the time figures for the 40 biggest TV shows and movies split into English and non-English languages.

Did you miss our Netflix top 100 from last week? You can recap the full top 100 here.

Top 50 Movies On Netflix Worldwide This Week

The world’s luckiest girl has dropped out of the top spot since last week, with family film Halloween starring Marlon Wayans earning the most points in the last 7 days.

School for Good and Evil got off to a strong start in the global top 10 this week and will likely be aiming for the top spot in its first full week next Sunday, though there are plenty of new movies on the horizon that could thwart its rise.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow (5123 points) Luckyest Girl Alive (4740 points) The School for Good and Evil (3311 points) Esposa de Aluguel (3034 points) Blackout (2953 points) Sing (1849 points) Black and Blue (1277 points) The Stranger (1171 points) Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (1056 points) The Boss Baby (922 points) Dobaaraa (876 points) Laal Singh Chaddha (799 points) Charlie’s Angels (716 points) Usogui (500 points) Blonde (499 points) Forever Rich (439 points) The Equalizer 2 (399 points) 20th Century Girl (395 points) Too Close For Christmas (372 points) Silent Night (370 points) Running with the Devil (362 points) Spider-Man: Far from Home (318 points) Doll House (292 points) Jumanji: The Next Level (263 points) The Net (257 points) The Redeem Team (248 points) Plan A Plan B (193 points) Old People (186 points) 2 Hearts (176 points) Soóle (135 points) The Next Three Days (134 points) Layer Cake (127 points) The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (125 points) The Courier (116 points) 1 3 H ours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (115 points) Downsizing (106 points) Uncharted (98 points) xXx: Return of Xander Cage (96 points) Crisis (94 points) The Patriot (92 points) We Made a Beautiful Bouquet (80 points) ) DEAW #13 Udom Taephanich Stand Up Comedy Show (78 points) Lighting up the Stars (78 points) Vantage Point (76 points) Little Man (76 points) Tiga Janda Melawan Dunia (76 points) Summit: Steel Rain (75 points) Missing Home (74 points) Father Stu (74 points) Cut Throat City (72 points)

Top 50 series on Netflix worldwide this week

DAHMER was knocked out of first place for the first time in several weeks. After The Watcher scored more watch hours in its first partial week on the platform, it has now earned the most points in the first full week.

DAHMER was still dominant, which means we’ll likely see it hit 1 billion hours watched in the first month on the service.

The Watcher (6667 points) Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (5781 points) The Midnight Club (2299 points) Sagrada familia (1624 points) Little Women (1338 points) Dynasty (1296 points) The Empress (1248 points) Love is Blind (1227 points) Sh**ting Stars (1076 points) From Scratch (905 points) The Sinner (831 points) Til Money Do Us Part (690 points) The Good Doctor (689 points) Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (678 points) The Playlist (658 points) Pasión de gavilanes (629 points) Unsolved Mysteries (607 points) The Taupe (590 points) Barbarians (576 points) Young Lady and Gentleman (571 points) Mismatched (558 points) El Rey, Vicente Fernández (441 points) Missing: The Other Side (432 points) Wielka woda (430 points) Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes (407 points) Matt Wright’s Wild Territory (398 points) Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi (319 points) Black Butterflies (296 points) Extraordinary Attorney Woo (277 points) Friends (227 points) C a fé con aroma de mujer (206 points) Shuroop (202 points) Pedro El Escamoso (183 points) Manifest (182 points) SPY x FAMILY (167 points) Love Between Fairy and Devil (159 points) Alchemy of Souls (148 points) Chesapeake Shores (146 points) One the Woman (140 points) Tutto chiede salvezza (137 points) Flower of Evil (124 points) Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega (115 points) SWAT (106 points) Paw Patrol (105 points) Through the Darkness (104 points) Man on Pause (101 points) Stranger Things (97 points) Gang Zielonej Rękawiczki (86 points) Peaky Blinders (85 points) 28 Days Haunted (82 points)

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