Netflix’s The Mole Season 1: where is the cast now?

As a competition series that lives up to the cult reputation of ABC’s eponymous production of which it is a reboot, Netflix’s “The Mole” can only be described as both disconcerting and captivating. After all, it revolves around 12 players – technically, 11 plus a secret saboteur – as they undertake a variety of challenges while trying to identify the impostor, all to earn some hard cash. So now that the first installment of this incredible original has hit our screens in its entirety, let’s find out precisely what each of its cast members are up to these days, shall we?

Where is Osei White now?

Although Osei’s stint on the show didn’t last long – he was the first to be kicked out – he left a significant mark with his sheer innocent sincerity as well as his deadpan humor. It’s no surprise, then, that he was often nicknamed “the funny kid” as he grew up in New York City as the eldest of 15 children, which means he’s also very adaptable and can thrive in any situation. Hence, after a variety of odd jobs and even earning his real estate license, the 32-year-old NY-LA-based travel enthusiast is currently a BMG Talent signed actor, model and artist.

Where is Samara Joy now?

Since we didn’t get to know Samara much during her time in “The Mole,” we should start by saying that she was raised in a small town in Maryland as one of seven siblings to a single mother. . So she learned the importance of hard work at an early age and eventually decided to pursue a career in modeling and psychology after graduating from West Virginia University. This led to her moving to Atlanta, Georgia for a master’s degree in her chosen academic field, where the 25-year-old still resides as a model and mental health counselor focused on at-risk LGBTQ+ teens.

Where is Dom Gabriel now?

Dom was honestly one of the most sincere actors on the production as his goal was to make money for his single parent – his mother/best friend – but he was the third to be eliminated. However, from what we can tell, it seems that he always managed to create a good life for them in Toronto, Canada, serving not only as a machine operator in a Ben and Jerry’s factory, but also as a ‘artist. The 29-year-old is a singer-songwriter for the group DØNTCALL, who have already released some great singles, such as “Truth or Dare” as well as “Drowning”, which you can stream on Spotify now.

Where is Sandy Ronquillo now?

A Texas native through and through, Sandy was actually raised by her father alone after her mother suddenly disappeared when she was just seven years old, never to be seen or heard from again. She learned to be independent and careful on her own the hard way, which led her to a field where she can truly help others in a way that will make a difference. So, at the age of 26, the Christ-follower, travel enthusiast and fitness buff is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist in Fort Worth, working particularly with children on the spectrum. Her mother’s case is still open.

Where is Pranav Patel now?

Although we met Pranav as an “extremely smart” law student with a background in biomedical engineering and a history of sports, the truth is that he has not only evolved, but is also much more that. The 29-year-old New Jersey native currently resides in Boston, where he is an Intellectual Property Partner in the Chemical and Materials Sciences Practice Group at Lando & Anastasi LLP. Additionally, he is interested in space law, health law, bioethics, engineering design, public health, and biomedical development, among others, and is even the co-founder of AfroDesi ( 2018; a movement that mixes Afro with Indo music). As for his personal life, he has a happy relationship with Sabrina Drezek.

Where is Casey Lary now?

Cathleen “Casey” Lary can honestly only be described as a Northern California native who has proudly worn many hats throughout her 39-year history. Whether it’s an advertising project manager, a recruiter in Silicon Valley, an English teacher in Japan, or a COVID ICU nurse in different cities, she’s done everything to be an Oakland-based travel nurse now. As if that weren’t enough, she’s even an avid athlete who often hikes and participates in various triathlons or competitions (like the annual Alcatraz Escape) to maintain her fitness.

Where is Greg Shapiro now?

Greg may come from a strong Jersey Shore-based Jewish family that he’s incredibly proud of because of the values ​​they instilled in him, but he always knew he was a pretty free spirit. He has therefore traveled to more than 40 countries at the time of writing (including Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru); Moreover, he holds certifications not only in Zumba and scuba diving, but also in Yoga as well as Reiki. As for his professional status, the 32-year-old proudly works as a Consumer Insights & Rewards Manager at City Experiences and a marketing research professional specializing in travel entertainment strategies in Seattle, Washington.

Where is Jacob Hacker now?

Born and raised in a small country village in Ohio, “The Mole” gave Jacob the opportunity to step out of the United States for the very first time. he had to have his passport made for it. But just focusing on his current position, from what we can tell, the 29-year-old still lives in the North West, where he serves as a daytime firefighter-paramedic lieutenant (for more than eight years) and model/actor per night. He’s signed under Heyman Talent Artists Agency at the moment, so with his time in this series of competitions definitely opening more doors for him, we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Where is Avori Henderson now?

Hailing from the small town of Springfield, Illinois, Avori appears to be currently based in Los Angeles, California, where she continues to thrive as a professional gamer and model signed to Ford Models. She is even happily married to Australian creative director-photographer David Strib (January 2022), with whom she has been exploring the world and discovering herself for a few years. They went to states as close as Nevada, Idaho and Hawaii or countries as far away as Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Iceland and Switzerland. It is imperative to note that the 26-year-old has also started to dabble in music. her debut single “Revive” was released in August, and she has another song called “Last Life” on the way.

Where is Joi Schweitzer now?

From what we can tell, Joi currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia alongside her family as a proud wife, mother, commercial pilot, fitness enthusiast/trainer, as well as a rising public figure. Although the latter isn’t just due to his enduring stint on Netflix’s ‘The Mole’; that’s because she’s been actively maintaining her social media presence like a brand for quite some time now. It’s worth mentioning that despite the 40-year-old’s family being her top priority, flying is her first love as she grew up around her plane mechanic father – so it’s something she doesn’t has no intention of breaking up any time soon.

Where is William “Will” Richardson now?

Even though Will won the $101,500 pot by correctly guessing the identity of the secret saboteur, it doesn’t appear that he drastically changed his lifestyle in any way. The only difference is that the 29-year-old Nevada native has apparently gone from just a former athlete turned lifestyle brand manager for athletes to a burgeoning digital creator himself. This growth honestly isn’t terribly surprising given the combination of his looks (literally Thor-like with his long blonde locks and 6’5″ height), his attractive personality, and his own steady job of knowing the importance of having such a mark.

Where is Kesi Neblett now?

Since stepping away from her role as a mole for good, it seems Kentucky-native Kesi is simply looking for spontaneity, freedom, and adventure in every sense of the word. The Columbia University engineering graduate (and volleyball athlete) had actually left her very stable job as a software developer/IT analyst at Goldman Sachs in March 2021. Therefore, today, although based in New York, the 27-year-old traveled, played volleyball, read and wrote to reconnect with her creativity, fill her days and simply be content. Hawaii, Mexico and Greece are just a few places she has been to recently.

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