Nicole and Daniel Reportedly No Longer Friends

Big Brother 24 final two allies, Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog, were close friends throughout the season. However, it appears that is no longer the case.

Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog formed the Rogue Rats

Las Vegas-based performer Daniel Durston and Florida-based chef Nicole Layog quickly hit it off, aligning in the first few days of the competition.

Forming the final two pact, the Rogue Rats, the pair also loosely worked with Paloma Aguilar, Jasmine Davis, and Terrance Higgins. When Paloma Aguilar and Monte Taylor painted a target on eventual winner Taylor Hale’s back, he went with it, seemingly wanting to please most of the house.

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Therefore, he backdoored her and rudely told her that she needed to apologize to some houseguests. However, Paloma’s self-eviction saved Taylor, annoying the Rogue Rats.

During Week 3, the cast partnered up in Festie Bestie pairs, and Nicole made sure to team up with Taylor, believing the Michigan-based pageant queen would go home over her. She threw the competitions in Week 4, hoping to get put on the block so Taylor would get evicted. The realization that she couldn’t fully compete made Nicole emotional, and Taylor attempted to comfort her.

Nicole and Daniel reportedly aren’t friends anymore

However, Nicole accused her of being passive-aggressive in a conversation with Daniel, resulting in him blowing up on her.

Daniel ended up using the Power of Veto to put their plan in motion, but it backfired, sending Nicole home, as the Leftovers alliance protected Taylor. Following the finale, Taylor appeared in an interview with Cameisha Reviews. 

The winner discussed the chaotic yet rewarding season and revealed that she and Nicole patched things up before her eviction. She pointed out that the two connected during the first day in the house, but it didn’t materialize into a working relationship.

When it comes to Nicole’s friendship with Daniel, the historic champ admitted it’s “been tumultuous” before revealing the two are no longer friends. It’s unclear if their ended friendship has anything to do with Taylor, but it appears to be the case. Taylor praised Nicole for doing the work to improve their relationship and noted they’re in a “much better place.”

Daniel recently made comments about Matt ‘Turner’ and Indy Santos

Daniel has remained active on social media and in the Big Brother community following the season. He has watched episodes back and given his opinion on certain things.

For example, he called Muffingate, where Matt “Turner” infamously ate one of Jasmine Davis’s muffins, the pettiest thing that happened in the house.

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Additionally, Daniel referred to Turner as a “b**** boy” for not owning up to taking the treat and pointed out the “cute and nerdy” edit he received.

The Las Vegas native also claimed he didn’t think Indy Santos understood the American version of Big Brother and thought she would fare better on the Brazilian adaption. Several fans, including Indy, viewed the remark as xenophobic. On the other hand, Nicole has remained quiet on social media and hasn’t talked about the season much. Big Brother is available to stream on Paramount+.