No Way Kathy Hilton Made Gay Slur – Kathryn Edwards Reveals Why

Even though she wasn’t there for the moment, Kathryn Edwards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills doesn’t believe Kathy Hilton made a gay slur during her RHOBH meltdown in Aspen.

Edwards shared why she didn’t think Hilton made a derogatory comment, leaning on Hilton’s aversion to cursing. But Erika Jayne insisted she said something even though other cast members didn’t hear it either.

Kathryn Edwards has 2 reasons why she didn’t think Kathy Hilton made a gay slur

“I personally don’t believe she said it for two reasons. I think that she has a lot of friends in the gay community. And the second thing is she also is adamant about not cursing. Adamant.  She doesn’t curse. She really doesn’t,” Edwards said on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast.

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“Maybe she does it privately, but she does not curse. I’m not saying that Erika didn’t think she heard it. If the music was loud and there’s a bunch of people and there’s a lot of noise. I’ve been to the Caribou Club many times. It can get loud, right?”

Kathy Hilton probably had a meltdown but didn’t make a gay slur

“If Kathy said effing something or who knows,” she continued. “This is a woman who you’re saying is using the F-bomb when she doesn’t curse and she’s got a ton of gay friends. I just find that hard to believe. I’m not saying that I don’t think she had a meltdown and didn’t say she wants to ruin [sister] Kyle [Richards] and all the other things.” 

But, “If there’s one thing that I don’t believe is that she said that,” she insisted.

“She just doesn’t curse and she chastises people for their language. And I can’t imagine that with all of her friends that she would use that word. That’s just like if you wanna say something about someone I don’t see that as being what she would use to describe someone she really doesn’t like. She was having a meltdown to some degree.”

She simply finds this assertion hard to believe

Edwards applied reasoning to the moment, sharing that if she were to get into an argument with someone who “was clearly gay, that’s just not one of the things that I’m gonna choose to try to go after them or describe them as I would.”

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She also pointed out that Jayne has many gay fans. So, “Why would she say it to Erika, who clearly her entire fan base is gay men, knowing that that would be something that would be hugely inflammatory?”

“And they’re already at odds. Why would you give someone that kind of ammo against you?” she wondered. “I think she’s sharper than that. I don’t think she would step in it like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she said some not nice things. That one, I have a hard time believing that one. I, I would say no. And, and HR the whole 80% of the cast, I mean the production crew is gay. Like, she’s gonna be letting that fly around there. I just find that hard to believe.”

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