‘Outer Banks’ Star Madylin Cline Looks Distraught When She Accidentally Reveals the Season 3 Premiere Date

Outer Banks fans won’t have to wait much longer for season 3. Well over a year after season 2 dropped in July 2021, Netflix confirmed season 3 would arrive in 2023. And now, star Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron) has accidentally revealed the actual release date. Here’s what we know about Outer Banks Season 3.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes | Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

‘Outer Banks’ star Madelyn Cline looks distraught after accidentally revealing the premiere date

A recent interview with the Outer Banks star has gone viral after she accidentally revealed the season 3 premiere date. TikTok user @relayts shared his reaction to the clip, where Cline reveals that season 3 will drop on Netflix on February 23.

As soon as Cline reveals the date, she looks to someone standing next to her for confirmation. She second-guesses herself and asks “February 22?” before a distraught look comes over Cline’s face. Apparently, that was the moment she was told the premiere date had not been announced.

Netflix has not yet confirmed the February 23 date. And in the comments section of the TikTok video, fans wondered if the premiere date was actually February 24 because the show “always comes out on a Friday.”

Netflix has been trying to keep details about the new season under wraps

Netflix has kept the Outer Banks Season 3 details quiet, so far.  But, the first-look teaser shows that things seem to be going well for the Pogues, despite being stuck on an island. Of course, as the quick edits continue, we see car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and imminent danger coming their way.

“My pops always said, nothing good comes easy. Nothing worthy is given. Question is, what are you willing to do to win? How far will you go to get your treasure?” John B. says in the voiceover. 

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Season 2 ended with John B. (Chase Stokes) and the Pogues on another treasure-hunting adventure, as they tried to locate and retrieve the lost Cross of Santo Domingo. The finale also dropped a huge surprise. John B.’s dad Big John (Charles Halford) — who hadn’t been seen since the beginning of season 1– was revealed to be alive. 

Elizabeth Mitchell (Carla Limbrey) told Metacritic that she gets to “hang out with Big John quite a bit” in season 3. She described the experience as “lovely” because he is “terrific.”

There will be some new cast members in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 3

Stokes and Cline are obviously back for season 3, along with Rudy Pankow (JJ), Madison Bailey (Kie), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Austin North (Topper), Drew Starkey (Rafe Cameron), and Charles Esten (Ward Cameron). Carlacia Grant, who plays Cleo, has been promoted to series regular.

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New cast members include Andy McQueen as Carlos Singh, a “ruthless Caribbean Don on a treasure hunt of his own.” Lou Ferrigno Jr. is also joining the cast as Singh’s top security officer. And Fiona Paloma will play Sofia, a “self-identified Pogue who forms a close connection to Rafe.”

Seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Banks are now streaming on Netflix. Season 3 will premiere in February 2023.

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