Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Cover ‘Couldn’t Be More Different’ From Meghan Markle’s Photos Taken by Same Photographer

The Prince Harry Spare cover has something in common with Meghan Markle. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were photographed by the same photographer. However, the results were very different. According to an expert and celebrity stylist, recent photos of Harry and Meghan send different messages. From Harry’s Spare cover to Meghan’s fashionable photo shoot, an expert shared their takes on the varying images.

Ramona Rosales took Prince Harry’s photo for ‘Spare’ book cover and photos of Meghan Markle for Variety

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Photographer Ramona Rosales has photographed many celebrities such as Lizzo, Mandy Moore, and Bad Bunny just to name a few. Now her rooster also includes British royalty. 

Harry and Meghan appeared separately in photographs taken by Rosales. The photographer snapped photos of Meghan for an in-depth interview with Variety published in October 2022. The photo shoot, which featured images taken at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California, included the 41-year-old wearing multiple designer outfits.

Meanwhile, Rosales also took a photo of Harry that would become the cover of his memoir, Spare.

Harry and Meghan send different messages with book cover and photos for accompanying interview

Although Harry and Meghan were photographed by the same photographer, the resulting images aren’t that similar, according to royal fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder. 

“The photos were taken in Rosales signature style with skillful use of light, giving the images a dreamlike, ethereal quality,” she told Newsweek. “Harry and Meghan’s skin has a luminescent glow and the full focus is on the eyes of the subjects, but that is where the similarities end.”

“Meghan’s close up has her looking off into the distance with a small smile, portraying her as optimistic and resilient despite all the attacks on her character,” Holder explained. “She looks confident and relaxed, as if she is looking forward to what the future holds.”

Meanwhile, in the Harry Spare cover, “Harry is gazing straight down the camera lens.” This particular eye contact suggested a “vulnerable and open” side to the 38-year-old. 

Moreover, the expert saw it as “an invitation to the reader of his memoir that nothing will be held back, that there will be no more secrets and that all will be revealed within the pages.”

Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ cover photo is ‘deliberately simple’ while Meghan Markle’s photos exude ‘Hollywood glamour’

Finally, the styling, which Holder remarked “couldn’t be more different.” She noted how the Spare cover photo of Harry is pared back to likely send a specific message. Meanwhile, Meghan’s is more glamorous. 

“In Harry’s, the image has been kept deliberately simple, the hint of an unassuming T-shirt in shot, as well as his favourite [sic] dog-tag style necklace,” Holder said. 

“His look is unassuming, redirecting our gaze straight into Harry’s eyes,” she continued, noting the absence of “fancy clothes to detract from the message.” 

“Harry wants to set the record straight,” she said. 

Moving to the images Rosales took of Meghan, Holder highlighted how differences in wardrobe changed the end result. 

“Meghan however looks like a goddess, oozing polished Hollywood glamour offset by a touch of the whimsical as a result of the set and lighting,” she explained. 

“She looks perfectly at ease in her jawdroppingly expensive couture gowns as if Hollywood and the spotlight are her natural home,” the expert continued.

Furthermore, Meghan looked strong in contrast to the clothes and set. “Her petite frame offset by the structure of the garments portray her as powerful whilst also being unafraid to be vulnerable, embodying her femininity — a thoroughly modern icon,” Holder concluded. 

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