Psychic Matt Fraser on Good Versus Evil Spirits – Is It Likely to Encounter an Evil Spirit? [Exclusive]

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Halloween fun usually includes a few jump scare movies set in haunted houses or demonic possessions. But how likely is it to encounter evil spirits in real life and are they everywhere? Psychic medium and reality TV star Matt Fraser said evil spirits do exist, but it isn’t very likely that people would encounter them, especially on a daily basis.

“The big misconception is that people ask me why is it that you only talk to the good souls, aren’t there bad souls?” he shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “There absolutely are. There are souls that don’t make it to the other side. But I choose not to talk to those souls. That’s the reason why I’m so strong in my faith.”

Matt Fraser explains there are not many evil spirits

Fraser prays before any reading and said the other side shared with him there are more good spirits than bad. “The thing is in Hollywood and on television we think that there are so many evil spirits out there, and we think that there are so many negative energies in the spirit world,” he remarked. “And the truth is, there is not. The truth is, is that there are really not that many evil spirits that don’t transition over.”

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He compared the spirit to the living world. “And if you think about it, it’s like here in this world,” he said. “If you look at all the good people here in this world, we all make mistakes, right? We don’t talk to our sister. We have a falling out with the family, but that doesn’t constitute you being a bad person.”

“I’m talking about people who do really evil acts,” Fraser said. “If you look at our society, that’s only just a small group of people. I want to say the majority of people are good. I don’t want to throw a number out there like I want to say like 99.9% of the people are good so what I can tell you is that the souls that are actually evil are very small.”

Why are haunted houses always abandoned?

But even a small percentage of evil souls aren’t necessarily lurking under your bed or in the closet of your home. “So the reason why I’m telling you this is that evil does not like to be around happy people, around loving families, around things like that,” Fraser said.

“That’s the reason why we have haunted houses,” he explained. “People will ask why is that house haunted? Why is it always an abandoned hospital? Why is it always an abandoned house? It’s because evil likes to be away from everybody. There are good souls that walk around us every day. So you have your mom and dad that’s with you that may have passed away. Your sister passed away.”

“You’re in the house, you’re carving pumpkins, and you’re having good times,” Fraser said. “Evil does not like to see that. So evil crawls to the dark corners of the earth. That’s the reason why you’ll never hear of an evil spirit haunting a casino. There’s too much energy.”

Matt Fraser explains how some people encounter evil spirits

But he cautions that some Halloween fun can invite in negative energies. “The only time that I’ve actually had that happen was under these circumstances,” Fraser said. “A person was a paranormal investigator and they didn’t know what they were doing. They would go out to these haunted places looking for trouble.”

“Or the person was playing with the Ouija board consecutively and started to engage with a spirit that was bad. And that spirit could attach to them. Or that person went looking for trouble. They would go and visit these haunted places, bring, what they call a spirit box, with them, and taunt the other side of the paranormal. But I’ve never had a regular person have a haunting happen.”

Fraser is currently on tour. Plus his New York Times best-selling book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife” is also available on Audible.

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