Reactions, challenges and queer Easter eggs

Showbiz Cheat Sheet has connected with Bros. Film Production Designer Lisa Myers, who helped create the backdrop for the 2022 romantic comedy. Learn more about Myers’ experience on the film starring Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane, including the challenges Bros presented to her and the personal touches she brought to the film as a queer woman.

Lisa Myers | Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Billy Eichner’s movie didn’t get enough love in ‘parts of the country’

During opening weekend, Bros earned $4.8 million, about half of the studio’s projected revenue (via Variety). In a since-deleted tweet, leading man Eichner blamed the lack of income on the lack of heterosexual people.

“Even with rave reviews, great scores for Rotten Tomatoes, an A CinemaScore, etc., straight guys, especially in some parts of the country, just haven’t shown up for Bros,” Eichner said. “And it’s disappointing but that’s the way it is.”

Lisa Myers focused on the positive reactions she heard about the film

When Showbiz asked Myers about the blowback Bros received from certain parts of the country, including the theaters that pulled the trailer, she admittedly hadn’t heard of it. “That doesn’t totally surprise me,” she said, adding:

“I try not to get too caught up in all the immediate responses because of course that’s going to stimulate certain reactions from all types of people.”

Lisa Myers, Showbiz cheat sheet

Instead of focusing on that, Myers places more value on feedback from people she knows and cares about. “I’ve had situations with people my parents’ age who were excited to go see the movie,” she said. “I try to give a little warning like, ‘It’s kinda hot!'”

Like any romantic comedy, Bros features several sex scenes. And a quartet.

Myers said many of the reactions she received from friends and family were the same. “They were texting me after they said, ‘Oh, don’t think I’m that square; I liked it. I know a lot about dating gay men now. ”

The movie ‘Bros’ was a ‘mental exercise’ for production designer Lisa Myers

As production designer, Myers was responsible for all the sets seen in Bros, from the LGBTQ+ Museum to Hallheart Village, a fictionalized and over-the-top version of a Hallmark Channel Christmas pop-up. Typically, when working on a project, one or two sets stand out as Myers’ “babies.” But with Bros, all the sets looked like this.

“We had so many cool sets to design and…we had the time, we had the support to do it and all that, but it’s like you always feel stuck because…I’ll give my full attention,” a- she declared. “[On Bros] I was like, ‘This is my baby, this is my baby. They’re all my babies!”

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Feeling spread out and caring about the different elements of each set was difficult at times, but never in an overwhelming way for Myers. “It was like a mental exercise, but enjoyable,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s a good problem to have.”

Queer Easter Eggs Lisa Myers included in ‘Bros’

Like many cast and crew involved in Bros, Myers is a member of the LGBTQ community. When we asked about the personal touches she included in the film, which production designers often do! — Myers had this to say:

“Billy and the members of my team… went crazy, crazy [six-page] list of books and literally bought them all. These are all the books in his apartment and his podcasting studio.

It’s not like – I mean, I’m queer, so I guess it’s like a personal detail – but we wanted to make sure that this person who is very in tune with queer culture and pop culture and who is a historian in his own way like well, we wanted to make sure these books were accurate and represented the kind of books the character would read.

Lisa Myers, Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Myers said if you look closely, you might be able to spot a book by Anais Nin or other queer authors in the film. See Bros in theaters or watch it on demand.

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