Recap and end of episode 2 of the Cabinet of Curiosities, explained: Is Masson dead?

“Graveyard Rats”, the second episode “Of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” is based on the horror short story “The Graveyard Rats” by Henry Kuttner. The teleplay was composed by Vincenzo Natali, who also directs the project. The second installment in the anthology series is set in 1930s Salem, Massachusetts, and revolves around Masson (David Hewlett), a cemetery caretaker who strips the very graves he is supposed to care for. Like Nick in the previous episode, Masson is saddled with a heavy debt to questionable people. He tries to pay them back, but the bodies in his cemetery are stolen by a huge colony of rats. Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Episode 2 ending. AHEAD SPOILERS.

Summary of episode 2 of the Cabinet of curiosities

Like episode 1, the second episode begins with an introduction by del Toro, who declares graveyards and graveyards to be the ultimate collection. The soil holds secrets, he declares, holds secrets. For vermin, this secret is the food they find by chewing wood or bones indifferently. But for mankind, the soil is rich. Early in the episode’s central part, Masson scares other grave robbers from a site – the grave of a woman who apparently had been wealthy while she was alive. Masson even discovers that she has a tooth filled with gold. but he gets bitten by a rat while trying to extract said tooth.

In recent days, Masson has had a bout of bad luck in his side business, and it all has to do with the rats in his graveyard. Bodies continue to disappear from the graves before Masson can reach them, much to his frustration. He tried all the methods to get rid of the parasites but nothing works. Masson meets his loan shark, who gives him a week’s time to find the money he owes. Desperate to find a solution, he goes to talk to Dooley, his friend at the coroner’s office, who agrees to let him see the corpses in exchange for a vial of devil’s elixir.

Masson finds out that none of the bodies have any value, just like Dooley told him. But then he realizes that there is another body behind the curtain in front of him. Dooley warns her that the coroner hasn’t had a chance to examine her. The man was a wealthy maritime merchant. If things go wrong at the funeral, the coroner will notice, and the little deal Dooley and Masson made won’t work anymore. Just then, the coroner arrives with the family of the deceased. The woman insists on burying the merchant with all the medals he received and the priceless saber he received from King George. Realizing what a big score it can be, Masson barely holds back during the funeral.

That night, once the ceremonies are over, Masson begins to dig. But when he opens the coffin, he sees that the rats have tunneled into the coffin and are now dragging the body to the depths of the Earth.

Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 2 End: Is Masson dead?

Greed is a major theme in the second episode of ‘Cabinet of Curiosities, as is faith, but the latter’s approach is somewhat reversed. Masson desecrates the graves when he is responsible for taking care of them. He only remembers his God when his life is in danger, and even then he treats the relationship as if it were transactional, offering God his complete submission in return for safety.

Masson is claustrophobic, and yet he decides to go down the tunnels after the rats anyway because he needs those valuables on the dead. So while the rats drag the dead merchant off for food, Masson pursues them for the bounty. He soon realizes that the network of tunnels he’s been forced into is a tight, unstable maze that could collapse at any moment and bury him alive. He encounters rats as big as dogs and barely escapes with his life. While being chased by one of these colossal rats, Masson falls into a tunnel that extends vertically more than horizontally, ending up in a pile of human bones.

The rats feasted on the flesh of the bodies they dragged down the tunnel before throwing away the bones and things that didn’t matter to them, including valuables. Masson finds the saber and begins to think his luck has finally run out. He then sees a necklace around the neck of a skeleton, which has been there long enough for roots to have grown around it.

Just as Masson removes the necklace, the skeleton comes to life, shouting “mine” for the necklace. Now, with both the zombie-like creature and the rats after him, Masson begins to climb. He sees something twinkle in the distance, believing it to be the stars in the sky, he crawls up there, only to realize that what he thought were the stars was light reflected off the metal surface of a plate of steel inside a closed and empty space. coffin. As Masson screams in despair, the rats find him. When the other grave robbers open the coffin, they find rats coming out of Masson’s mouth. The latter is long dead. Terrified, they run away, leaving the necklace and other jewelry behind.

What is the zombie-like creature?

As mentioned above, “Graveyard Rats” is set in Salem, Massachusetts, infamous for the 17th century witch trials. ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ takes what was an unfair treatment of women and men and an example of gross injustice and gives it a supernatural twist. The claim here is that there were indeed witches in Salem who used the underground tunnels to reach their “black church”, where they worshiped the Devil. The state we see in non-subterranean space probably assumes to represent the fallen angel. As for the zombie-like creature, it was probably one of the witches when she was alive. He is long dead, but his greed still binds him to the necklace.

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