Ringo Starr’s Brother-in-Law Joe Walsh Joked About How the Drummer Smells 


Joe Walsh became Ringo Starr’s brother-in-law in 2008.Joe Walsh joked about the way Ringo Starr smells.In 2010, Joe Walsh gave a speech about Ringo Starr at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Joe Walsh and Ringo Starr | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh met in the 1970s. They became good friends and, decades later, became family when Walsh married Starr’s wife’s sister. The two are close and are always happy to share a kind word about each other in speeches and interviews. When discussing his brother-in-law’s rigorously healthy lifestyle, Walsh joked about the way he smells. 

Ringo Starr is Joe Walsh’s brother-in-law

In 1981, Starr married his second wife, Barbara Bach. She was an American actor and model, and the two have been together for four decades. In 2008, years after Starr and Walsh met and played in the All-Starr band together, Walsh married Bach’s sister, Marjorie. He said he was happy with how tight-knit the family was.

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“I feel whole, and I also got, along with her, this huge extended family that came along in the deal,” Walsh told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2013. “They’re very close and they all have each other’s backs and they talk to each other all the time to make sure everybody’s OK, and I’ve never been around that dynamic.”

The Eagles guitarist described the way The Beatles drummer smells

For years, Starr has adhered to a strict vegetarian diet. As a child, he spent lengthy periods of time in the hospital with illness and drank and used drugs heavily for many years as a musician. By the 1990s, he began focusing on exercise on top of his vegetarian diet. 

“I didn’t work out for many years,” he told Rolling Stone in 2020. “I worked out in nightclubs! [Laughs] But that’s not me now. I started working out. Next door, I have a gym. And I’m in the gym at least three and sometimes six days a week. And, you know, we walk. When I started walking, I was living in Monte Carlo. I’d walk around the port, I’d come back and go into a local restaurant, bum a cigarette, and have a double espresso. I haven’t smoked in a long time, but I still enjoy a double espresso. And I’m a vegetarian. I have broccoli with everything and blueberries every morning. I just do stuff that I feel is good for me.”

Walsh joked that Starr’s dedication to his healthy lifestyle is so strong that you can smell it on him.

“Every time I see Ringo, he smells of kale,” Walsh told Rolling Stone in 2015.

Joe Walsh gave a speech when Ringo Starr received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Walsh and Starr have been friends for years, and they’ve spoken about what the relationship means to them. When Starr received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Walsh gave a speech at the ceremony.

“He’s not just the greatest drummer in rock history — from the greatest band in rock history — he’s also the greatest guy I know and the most kind and helpful friend you could ever want,” he said, per Vulture. 

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