Robyn Gives Fans ‘Whiplash’ With Contradictory Comments About Christine’s Marriage

In Sister Wives Season 17, Robyn Brown questions Christine Brown’s recollection of her marriage to Kody Brown. However, fans get “whiplash” when they remember what Robyn said in the previous episode. Here’s a breakdown of Robyn’s contradictory comments regarding Christine’s marriage.

Robyn Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Robyn accuses Christine of lying about her marriage timeline

In a sneak preview for the upcoming November 6 episode of Sister Wives (via US Weekly), Christine meets with Kody and her sister wives for a family meeting to announce that she’s moving to Utah in just one week. In the discussion, she discusses her children watching her be unhappy since the family lived in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The kids were like, ‘It looked like in Vegas that you and dad weren’t really close anymore,’” the mother of six explained to Robyn.

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Robyn is surprised to hear that Christine’s marriage to Kody has been struggling for that long. “In Vegas?” Robyn questions Christine. “That’s a lie,” Robyn accuses her.

“Because I remember the conversations. I remember what was going on. I remember Janelle and Kody making their relationship better than it ever has been. I remember him talking with you,” Robyn says.

“I remember you guys having fun dates and hearing about that and seeing your guy’s relationship. So either you guys were faking it in front of me. I don’t know,” Robyn tells Christine.

Of course, Christine is taken aback by her sister wife accusing her of lying. “I’m not sure why she’s saying that I’m lying. Kody and I did struggle in Vegas. And my kids did see it,” she says.

On the October 30 episode of Sister Wives, Robyn and Meri had a conversation that directly contradicts what she said about Christine. “She was talking about leaving Kody before we moved to Flagstaff,” Robyn told Meri about Christine’s marriage struggles.

The fan posted Robyn’s contradictory statements side-by-side and wrote, “Which is it Robyn? You’re giving us Flipping Whiplash.” Check out the Reddit post below:

One Sister Wives fan commented, “The audacity of Kody and Robyn to lie so much when their lives have been recorded for YEARS. They absolutely have bought their own lies at this point.” Another fan wrote, “This woman is despicable. She lies continually. She doesn’t know how to NOT lie.”

Christine wished she had left Kody back in 2011

As Sister Wives fans know, Christine said her marriage to Kody struggled even before Robyn officially joined the family. Back then, the family lived in a home with three different apartments making up one polygamist home. Christine admitted she wished she had left Kody in 2011, a year after Robyna and Kody met when they were still living in Lehi.

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Sister Wives fans have noticed that since Robyn joined the family, Kody’s marriages with his other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, have rapidly declined. While living in Utah, Christine and Kody even got couples counseling on their 20th anniversary.

Sister Wives fans are hoping that on the season 17 tell-all, Robyn will be called out for her lies. Fans will have to tune in to find out what happens next in Sister Wives Season 17.

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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