RuPaul’s Drag Race UK contestant Baby breaks her silence after leaving the show

Baby was the latest queen to leave series four of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and she recently opened up about why she chose to leave on her own accord…

The 25-year-old South London queen found herself in the bottom two alongside Dakota Schiffer after the Ru-sical challenge of ‘Lairy Poppins’.

Baby was the fifth contestant to leave Series 4 of Drag Race UK, let’s find out what happened…

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RuPaul’s Baby leaves the show of his own accord

After Thursday’s (October 20) episode aired on BBC Three, drag fans everywhere were stunned when Baby announced she wanted to quit competing. Earlier in the episode, guest judge Hannah Waddingham showed her approval for Baby by telling her she should “feel real good” about the drag she did on the show.

However, Baby made the difficult decision to quit the nation’s biggest drag competition. After a strong Lipsync battle against Dakota Schiffer on the song No Way from Six: The Musical, Baby told RuPaul that she would be withdrawing from the competition for personal reasons. The Queen said: “I am extremely grateful to be here, but I think I have to go home and take care of myself.”

Ru encouraged her decision: “I respect that. I love you baby. We all love you. Take care and remember what I told you. Now, Sashay, walk away.

RuPaul’s Baby breaks his silence after leaving the series

Baby has now taken to Twitter to give fans a glimpse of what she’s been through on the show. Explaining that she was “doubled in crippling pain and anxiety” during the show. Baby was putting on a brave face for the cameras but she reveals she had reached the point where it was no longer sustainable.

The drag race contestant has grown vulnerable with her followers as she recounts having “aggressive and frequent panic attacks” and then “acting like nothing happened” on camera. Baby notes that this was due to his worries about how people watching her from home would perceive her. The Queen also remembers breaking down with Sminty before the improv challenge and a time when Cheddar held her after Baby had a panic attack before pulling out.

Baby also covered her mic and told LeFil before walking the floor in their musical looks that she “couldn’t be here anymore” and “had to go home.” Mainly because Baby felt her well-being had become a “dirty secret” she had to hide to keep the show going.

She then thanked fans for their support and encouraged them to follow the link in her bio as she wrote a song about “all of it.”

Baby reveals his plans for the future

In an interview with the BBC, Baby explained his reasoning behind leaving the show: “I don’t really like giving up or giving up, but at that moment I knew it was the best decision for me.”

She continued: “I was battling my anxiety, and I know I had to put my well-being first, and the best way to do that was to quit competing, but I’m so proud that I was able to have the opportunity to show my art and my heart.

Baby then explained that she would focus more on her music in the future. Having been singing and dancing since the age of eight, Baby is ready to nurture this passion. After all, she got a songwriting degree after attending BRIT School.

Baby talks about his mental health

From the start of the episode, Baby opened up about mental health issues, especially after last week’s improv challenge. During a confessional from a previous episode, she said, “I want to get better but I’m starting to doubt myself a bit,” the drag queen added. “I’m aware of that and I’m trying to hold myself together.”

Baby also opened up to the judges before: “I have anxiety and tried to get out of that feeling, but I had a hard time.” She continued, “I know I can do this and it’s so boring.”

In Untucked, the Queen expressed concerns about her own personal struggles that are hampering her success in the competition. However, many fans believe that pulling out of the intense talent show process was the best thing to do for her mental health. Especially after telling his comrades that he went through a difficult time.

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