Severide and Kidd Investigate a Suspicious Fire and Carver Is a Mystery

During Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 6 (titled “All-Out Mystery”) Severide and Kidd investigate a suspicious fire. Carver is a big mystery, so the guys try to get to know him. Also, Cruz and Chloe try to move forward with adopting Javi.

Carver is a mystery the team can’t solve

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Gallo, Brett, and Ritter tell Violet (played by Violet Mikami) they’re happy to have her around more. They were excited to see her spending time at Molly’s. One person they haven’t seen hanging out after work very often is Carver. Mouch asks him why he doesn’t come out more, and he says he likes to mix things up a bit. “Different night, different adventure,” he says.

After Carver leaves, Gallo gets curious, so he looks inside his locker. All he sees are a change of clothes and deodorant. Gallo says there are no pictures taped inside the locker. “The man could be a serial killer for all we know,” says Mouch.

Gallo convinces Ritter and Mouch to hang out at a bar that Carver goes to sometimes. They end up getting into a bar fight after Carver talks to another man’s girlfriend.

Joe and his wife get a chance at adopting Javi

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Joe’s Cruz’s wife, Chloe, stops by the firehouse with some good news. They have a chance to adopt Javi, the little boy Cruz helped after he fell out of a window during season 10. Javi, an orphan from Honduras, was being looked after by a missionary who was also caring for two other children.

Chloe located Javi’s uncle, Roberto, but he’s not interested in becoming a parent and he relinquished his rights to guardianship. He was able to provide the documentation that Cruz and Chloe need to adopt Javi (they needed proof Javi’s mother is deceased, and his father was never in the picture). Now, Cruz and Chloe can proceed with adopting Javi. They really want to be parents, so they’re overjoyed.

Unfortunately, Cruz runs into a problem when it’s revealed that his brother has ties to a gang. His application is returned, and he’s asked to update his application and include this information. Cruz is worried his chance to adopt Javi might slip through his fingers.

Severide and Kidd investigate a suspicious fire and the department gets sued

After a fire breaks out at a jewelry store, the owner comes after the fire department and accuses them of gross negligence and dereliction of duty. He blames the firefighters for the loss of his jewels, totaling in the millions. The owner, Robert DeMarco, says the firefighters should have done more to protect his store from being robbed by looters.

Severide and Kidd believe the owner ordered a large shipment of diamonds, staged an explosion, and faked their disappearance so he could get the insurance money. “This lawsuit is a smokescreen,” says Severide (played by Taylor Kinney). “He’s just a guy playing the part of someone who lost everything.”

Chief Boden tells Severide and Kidd he needs evidence. “I can’t go accusing a man of a crime without the evidence to back it up,” he says. “So go get the evidence.”

Kidd and Severide finally get the evidence they need. They discover the owner’s employee caused the explosion and stole the diamonds. Kidd is excited she was able to take over for Seager and help Severide with a fire investigation. This is a win for both of them, and it brings them closer together.

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