‘Sister Wives’ Fans Convinced Logan and Michelle’s Wedding Gives Away Information About Kody and Janelle’s Marriage

TLC has opted to focus season 17 of Sister Wives on the end of Kody Brown’s marriage to Christine Brown. That’s not the only marriage that fans of the series believe has officially ended. For months, Brown family followers have theorized that Janelle Brown has also left her polygamist marriage. Now they think they have the proof in pictures from a recent, untelevised family wedding. Kody and Janelle were sitting far apart. 

Logan Brown married his longtime love on October 22 

Logan Brown, the eldest of the Brown kids, walked down the aisle last week. The eldest Brown, 28, and Michelle Petty began dating in 2015. The couple currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and opted to wed at a picturesque outdoor venue. 

The cast of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ includes Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown | TLC/Discovery Press

Logan and his longtime love have chosen to remain out of the spotlight. While Logan appeared on several seasons of Sister Wives, he hasn’t appeared in more recent seasons. TLC did not film the couple’s wedding for the show, and details of the event were kept private. Still, some photos have been posted to social media, and they are telling. 

Leaked photos reveal that Kody and Janelle Brown didn’t sit together at their son’s wedding

While Logan and Michelle have opted to keep their lives private, a few photos from their big day have made the rounds on social media. Photos from the ceremony revealed a rather unorthodox seating plan. During the ceremony, Kody Brown, Logan’s father, was seated with his fourth and legal wife, Robyn Brown. Logan’s mother, Janelle Brown, was sitting in a different row. While both Kody and Janelle were seated in the first two rows of the ceremony venue, the fact they weren’t sitting together struck fans as a bit odd. 

Kody and Janelle Brown | TLC/YouTube

Logan is the oldest son of Kody and Janelle. While Kody has several wives, it’s tradition for the mother and father of the bride to sit together on one side, while the mother and father of the groom sit together on the other side. While different arrangements are sometimes made if the parents are divorced, that isn’t the case for Janelle and Kody, at least as far as Sister Wives fans know. 

Reddit users quickly pointed out that the non-traditional seating arrangements could hint that Kody and Janelle are on the outs. Their relationship appeared strained throughout season 17 of Sister Wives, but no official announcement has been made about any separation. That doesn’t mean they aren’t estranged, though. Christine Brown, Kody’s ex-wife, waited until after she had sold her home and moved to Utah to inform fans that she and Kody had gone their separate ways.  

Aside from theories about the state of Janelle and Kody’s marriage, the seating chart is a solid picture of how the Brown family operates. The entire family was pretty spread out, despite insisting, for more than a decade, that they acted as one unit. Meri Brown, Kody’s first ex-wife, was seated far from Christine Brown, Kody’s second ex-wife; Kody was sitting only with his legal wife, who fans have long assumed is the only wife that Kody wishes to have in his life on a day-to-day basis. The Brown kids were also spread across several rows at the ceremony. 

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