Some ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believe Kody Brown is ‘Spiraling’ as He Realizes Public Image is ‘Over’

Throughout season 17 of Sister Wives, viewers have witnessed a marked change in series star Kody Brown‘s behavior. The family patriarch has spent the better part of this season leaving a sour taste in fans’ mouths over how he appears to treat his wives and children. Kody’s actions have led some fans to believe that he is “spiraling” over the realization his carefully curated public image as a family man and husband is “over.”

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The TLC series was built on an image of family unity

The original premise of TLC’s Sister Wives aimed to show how Brown and his large family navigated life in a world that seemed to shun their polygamist lifestyle.

When the series began in 2010, Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown lived with Kody in a large family home in Lehi, Utah. Like other polygamist households, each wife had her bedroom and small living quarters to share with her children. Shortly after the series debut, Robyn Brown married into their family but lived separately from her sister wives.

The clan remained united as they fled to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they moved to reportedly avoid arrest for practicing polygamy. Upon settling into Sin City, the Brown family dynamic cracks became apparent. The wives enjoyed their own homes and privacy in a cul-de-sac. There, the families remained tied to one another but lived separately.

The Browns appeared to remain focused on family when they once again uprooted the clan to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. There they purchased a large lot of land and planned to build separate homes for each wife.

Subsequently, the land remains undeveloped, Kody’s coronavirus rules split the clan, and Christine left. Kody agreed the polygamist family ideal he longed for, now appeared to be “dysfunctional.”

Some ‘Sister Wives’ fans believe Kody Brown is ‘spiraling’ as he realizes his public image is ‘over’

Fans weathered the many storms of the Brown family throughout the 16 seasons of the TLC series. However, it appears some have had enough of Kody’s behavior in season 17. Some agree he is “spiraling” and realizing the idealistic public image he put forth is “over.”

In a Reddit post, fans discussed a TLC teaser that broke down the second half of season 17.

“Kody is in a full-blown rage-infused breakdown over Christine leaving. Probably not because he really loved or valued her but about her being the first one to show this sham for what it is and finally leave,” wrote one follower. “He knows Sister Wives and whatever image he thought he had with the public is over. He’s shown the world the lifestyle he tried to promote so heavily is a failure and that his kids and wives were treated terribly for all the world to see.”

“I wasn’t shocked at Kody’s behavior in the preview. He obviously is spiraling as he has been for a while,” penned a second viewer.

“It’s all a control issue with Kody,” wrote a third Reddit user. “Meri doesn’t want to leave, so he’s happy for her to go. Christine has the same relationship with Kody as Meri, but he’s furious because she made the decision to go, not Kody. It sounds like he’s trying to change the parameters of his relationships in the family, and Janelle isn’t happy with it either.”

Of course, this is all speculation, as Kody Brown no longer interacts with fans outside of the show on social media. His last tweet was posted in November 2021, when he announced that he and Christine had split. He is active on Cameo, where he films short videos for his followers for a price.

Fans are hopeful a ‘Sister Wives’ reunion episode will clarify where Kody stands with his relationships

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In the same Reddit thread, some fans appeared hopeful that a season 17 reunion episode would clarify where Kody stands with his relationships. They looked for honesty from the polygamist patriarch and called on whoever hosted the special to ask tough questions.

During season 16’s closing episodes, the family members were questioned by host Sukanya Krishnan. However, some viewers appear to want a different type of interview from whoever hosts the season 17 ender.

“I hope the season finale interviewer comes armed with receipts. Ask Kody a question and then roll the tape with a montage of all the times he said the opposite. He has ALWAYS said the wives are free to go & he’ll support them in carrying it out. He’s practically begged Meri to move on,” claimed one viewer.

“TLC should just throw out a post here asking for questions along with the clip showing the proof. TLC should let Reddit plan the tell-all,” penned a second fan.

A third viewer suggested Bravo host Andy Cohen should host a Sister Wives reunion special. “I just want whoever it is to keep saying, “let’s look at the tape” and playing video over and over to review every lying word.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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