Sweet Gabriel Investigated a Mysterious Cabbage Farmer in ‘The Weekend’

We will never look at cabbages the same after watching ABC’s Alaska Daily Episode 4. The hour delved deep into the Alaska State Fair while Eileen Fitzgerald, played by Hilary Swank, experienced another panic attack. Read on for our recap of the tumultuous hour and its unexpected ending.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Alaska Daily Episode 4, “The Weekend.”]

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Gabriel got a memorable first story in ‘Alaska Daily’ Episode 4

Following Eileen and Roz exposing the Meade police chief, Durkin, in Alaska Daily Episode 3, it’s time for a lighter hour (we can’t even say that with a straight face).

The reporters at The Daily Alaskan covered the opening weekend of the Alaska State Fair in Alaska Daily Episode 4. In theory, this sounded like a fun task for the group. But when we got to the end of this story, it wasn’t as light-hearted as anyone first thought.

Stanley assigned entertainment and the pig races to Claire, food to Yuna, and the giant cabbage competition to Gabriel, which would be his first story at the paper. Meanwhile, Austin was away on a different assignment regarding the fishing story from episode 3.

At the state fair, the Block family won the giant cabbage competition. Gabriel interviewed Erica Block, and they both adorably stumbled over their words (they were both interview rookies). Later, Gabriel wrote his story, but he found it too dull, so he called Eileen for advice. She told him to go to the Block’s farm to learn more about them.

At the farm, Gabriel met Erica’s suspicious father, Brandon, and Erica agreed to show Gabriel around their business. However, Brandon first made him turn over his cell phone, as is the policy on the farm. Erica later explained that her father had been wary of technology since her mother died from a brain tumor when she was young. Brandon thought the cancer was caused by her cell phone.

Erica expressed worry about her dad taking his anti-tech belief too far, especially since he had a secret barn no one could go in. Later, Erica unlocked it for Gabriel, and he checked it out before leaving. But Brandon busted him right as he found a bunch of fertilizer.

As a fun aside, Yuna practically admitted to having feelings for Austin in Alaska Daily Episode 4 — squeal! However, she also told Claire the complications that would come with a potential relationship — his messy ex-wife, them working together, etc. But Claire (and the audience) is rooting for them to make it work.

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The Concerned Citizen reappeared with death threats

Outside of the state fair storyline in Alaska Daily Episode 4, Eileen continued investigating Sylvie’s death while Roz competed in a basketball tournament. But before they could break for the weekend, Stanley informed Eileen and Roz that their story on the police chief gained a lot of traction for the paper, and the city council suspended Durkin.

Gabriel then delivered a box someone had left at the front desk for Eileen. It contained a note that read, “Go home,” and a bullet. Despite it being an apparent death threat, Eileen seemed unbothered. After arriving back at her hotel, the Concerned Citizen called Eileen and confirmed he was the one to send her the box. He was mad at her for exposing Durkin and ended the call by saying, “The next bullet you receive won’t be in a box.” Dun dun dun!

Rushmi, Eileen’s former boss from The Vanguard, left Eileen a message. She had read Eileen’s story about Durkin and wanted to catch up. Unfortunately, this call resulted in Eileen having a panic attack.

She collapsed outside her hotel and hit her head. Eileen later woke up in an ambulance with Aaron Pritchard, who found her. At the hospital, Eileen was under concussion protocol, and Aaron stayed with her. But we’re not buying this nice guy act with Aaron at all. Something smells fishy.

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Gabriel became an official reporter in ‘Alaska Daily’ Episode 4

After leaving the Block farm, Gabriel picked up Eileen from the hospital. They realized that Brandon might have been planning to create a bomb with the fertilizer Gabriel found.

On Sunday, Gabriel met up with Erica after church. She gave him papers she found from her dad’s eco-terrorism group, Genesis. It seems as though Brandon is a foot soldier for them. A few hours later, Eileen and Gabriel returned to the state fair and confronted Brandon about the fertilizer and Genesis. But he just deflected their questions because who would ever admit to planning a terrorist attack?

Back at the office, Stanley and Bob informed the FBI about their information on Brandon. However, since Eileen and Gabriel couldn’t get him to confess, they couldn’t run their story. Gabriel’s work was enough to earn him a permanent spot as a reporter in the newsroom, though. And there is no one more deserving of the promotion!

Just when we thought we had enough reason to celebrate at the end of Alaska Daily Episode 4, Eileen and Roz reunited and met with the former Meade police chief, Orin Connors. He gave them the unredacted police report on Sylvie’s case. It listed two persons of interest — Ezra Fisher and Rega Horne. It’s go time.

Alaska Daily airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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