‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 9: Recap and Ending, Explained: Why Did Lucy Lie About Her Relationship?

Episode 9 of “Tell Me Lies” deals with the aftermath of the letter Lucy had sent to the dean’s office. Drew becomes paranoid after finding out his secret isn’t a secret anymore. What Lucy thought would be useful for Stephen turned into complete chaos. It wasn’t just the letter that troubled Lucy; she also had to prove her innocence in a plagiarism investigation conducted by her professor. “Tell Me Lies” is repetitive and fails to create the tension one would expect heading into the season finale.

Spoilers ahead

Lucy and Cj: What kept Lucy from coming to terms with her mother’s past?

After learning about Lucy and Max’s adventure, there was a change in Stephen’s behavior. He wasn’t jealous of physical intimacy; instead, he found the details exciting. But when Lucy discussed how she and Max would cuddle after kissing, Stephen couldn’t take it anymore. He had wanted Lucy and Max’s relationship to be purely sexual, but the details indicated a level of friendship and attachment. After encountering Stephen’s odd behavior, Lucy was bombarded with mail from a professor. Her teacher asked Lucy to meet her the next day. She couldn’t help wondering why her teacher was calling a meeting out of the blue. The next day, when Lucy met her professor, she learned that the college had set up an investigation into the plagiarism of the short story Lucy had submitted during a workshop. After running her short story through plagiarism checker software, her teacher discovered that her writing was taken from a live journal. Lucy tried to explain that she had written a live diary and it was based on her life, but her teacher demanded proof. Lucy discussed the issue with Stephen. She no longer had the login information for her Live Journal. Stephen proposed that she call her mother and ask her to testify to Lucy’s innocence stating that this was really what actually happened; therefore, it could not be plagiarized. Even though Lucy knew her mother would be embarrassed, she had no other choice.

When CJ rescued Lucy from the situation, she said that what Lucy wrote could not be plagiarized because it was based on her reality. CJ was unaware that her daughter knew about her affair with James Davenport. She couldn’t imagine what Lucy would have been through knowing her mother was with another man when her father was sick. But CJ explained that she did it out of loneliness. As mother and daughter finally bond, Stephen interrupts them and tries to pull Lucy away from her mother. Lucy has expressed interest in spending time with CJ. After Stephen left, CJ indicated that she felt humiliated by the way he treated her without even knowing her personally. The fact that her mother does not like Stephen irritates Lucy. CJ then said she was dating James Davenport again, leaving Lucy disgusted. She insulted her mother. Lucy thought it was too bad for her to accept. She eventually left CJ. Even though Lucy hated the decision her mother had made, she regretted behaving badly with her. But Stephen encouraged his rude behavior. He felt that Lucy’s behavior towards her mother was justified. Lucy wanted some time alone at a party, but Stephen went with her anyway.

Drew and the letter to the dean’s office

The Dean asked Drew about the night Macy Campbell died. Drew maintained that he did not know Macy and had no idea why he was being asked about the night of the accident. The Dean revealed that a letter had been sent to his office asking him to ask Drew about Macy’s accident. Drew became paranoid; he now knew that the entire college knew of his actions the night Macy died. He was worried that it was Pippa telling everyone about it. He didn’t trust her or even her brother, Wrigley. He blamed Wrigley for discussing the accident with Pippa, as a result of which his life was in danger. He was afraid of going to jail and could not control his emotions. Stephen prompted him further. He confirmed that no one but Pippa had spilled the wick. She had a loud mouth and didn’t care enough about Drew to keep it a secret. Drew was furious and he decided to confront Wrigley and Pippa.

‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Why Did Lucy Lie About Her Relationship? Did Pippa and Wrigley break up?

Drew got drunk the day he learned about the letter. He attended a college party where Wrigley and Pippa were in attendance. He confronted Pippa about the letter, but she had no idea. Lucy was also present at the party and she knew the situation was spiraling out of control. When the argument between Pippa and Drew escalated, Stephen realized that the only person who could have written the letter was Lucy. Wrigley interrupted him and tried to reason with his brother, but Drew had nothing but hatred for Wrigley. He blamed Wrigley for discussing the night of the accident with Pippa. Pippa was the only one besides Stephen and Wrigley who knew about the affair; therefore, Drew believed she was behind it all. Pippa knew that Lucy knew about what happened that night, but she chose not to reveal it. She may have trusted Lucy and believed she wouldn’t make such a move, or she just didn’t want to throw Lucy under the bus. The argument turned into a fight between Wrigley and Drew, although their friends managed to approach them. Wrigley rested on the balcony railing, but the house was too old and the wooden railing was weak. The wooden frame collapsed and Wrigley fell from the balcony. He cried in pain as Stephen and Evan rushed to save him.

Lucy blamed herself for the accident. Wrigley was admitted to hospital; he had injured his knee and had to undergo surgery. After coming to her senses, Wrigley broke up with Pippa. He no longer trusted her and blamed her for the letter. He even added that he noticed how busy Pippa was texting someone else at the lake house. It was Stephen who had planted doubt about Pippa’s loyalty in Wrigley’s head, and it all resulted in Wrigley and Pippa breaking up. Pippa later returned to the dorm and spoke with Lucy. She explained that it could have been Stephen who wrote the letter, given that he was someone who knew about the accident and was problematic enough to take such action. Lucy defended Stephen; she knew she was responsible for the letter. Lucy maintained her innocence, but Pippa could no longer trust her. After Pippa left the room, Lucy struggled to breathe. She was keeping a secret that she couldn’t share with anyone else. Meanwhile, Stephen visited the place where the accident had happened. He couldn’t hold back his tears, perhaps indicating that he too was hiding a secret from the world. Was Stephen more involved in Macy’s death than he revealed to Lucy? Did he blame himself for Macy’s death?

Stephen returned to Lucy’s room that night and expressed his love for her. For the first time, he expressed how much he loved Lucy and regretted not valuing her enough. Maybe after remembering what he had done that night, he felt lucky to have someone who loved him. Lucy also ended up becoming Stephen’s alibi. When a classmate explained how the night of Macy’s accident she had seen Stephen with Macy, Lucy rejected him. She said it was impossible because she was with Stephen at the time. Lucy lied to protect Stephen. She said their relationship was a secret then, which is why no one knew about it. Lucy believed in Stephen’s innocence; therefore, she was willing to be his alibi even if it was all a lie.

Hopefully the final episode of “Tell Me Lies” will be impactful and conclusive. There are too many questions that remain unanswered. After all, we have only witnessed the beginning of Lucy and Stephen’s relationship. There remains a possibility that the showrunners will stretch it for another season. Considering the first season’s lack of cooking, the second season has to be full of flavor to keep the audience enthralled.

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