The Great British Baking Show: where are the winners now?

‘The Great British Bake Off’, aka ‘The Great British Baking Show’, is a British baking series that gives several enthusiasts the chance to show off their skills. In each episode, contestants must go through three different tasks, based on the theme of the week, in order to solidify their position within the competition. However, a bad week can also lead to the elimination of a participant.

In the end, the baker who defies all predictions and beats his two opponents in the final is proclaimed the winner. Since its release in 2010, the food series has been a massive source of entertainment for the general public. Given the recent release of its thirteenth season, fans of the show can’t help but wonder about the current fate of the show’s former winners. Where are the star bakers now and what are they up to these days? Fortunately, we are here to explore the same!

Where is Edd Kimber now?

Starting with the show’s Season 1 winner, we have Edd Kimber, who blasted his way to victory with his culinary skills. Since being crowned champion in 2010, the reality TV star has written seven cookbooks. This includes “The Boy Who Bakes”, “Say It With Cake”, “Patisserie Made Simple”, “One Tin Bakes” and “One Tin Bakes Easy”. In 2022 he also released “Small Batch Bakes”, which became a Sunday Times bestseller. Edd left his corporate life behind and currently works as a freelancer for magazines and newspapers. Some of his written works have been part of BBC Good Food, Olive Magazine, Delicious, The Washington Post, The Guardian, etc.

Besides being the resident baker of the Alan Titchmarsh Show, Edd can be seen on shows like “Sunday Brunch”, “Good Morning America” ​​and many more. He also runs an online food blog named The Boy Who Bakes, which has been honored by Woman and Home Magazine and Channel 14. Currently, Edd is based in London, England, and has an adorable dog named Wesley. The Baker recently announced their newsletter in collaboration with Substack.

Where is Joanne Wheatley now?

Joanne “Jo” Wheatley won the show’s second iteration and is currently working as a writer. The baker has written two books, ‘A Passion for Baking’ and ‘Home Baking’, which were published in 2012 and 2014 respectively. She also runs a blog website called Jo’s Blue AGA, which she uses to share recipes and other food-related content. After winning the show, Jo opened a cooking school in Essex, England, which quickly rose to prominence and became one of the Guardian’s top five UK baking schools.

Over the years, the reality TV star has written for Sainsbury’s magazine, The Sun, The Mirror, the BBC and many other publications. She also briefly appeared on shows like “The One Show”, “This Morning”, “The Alan Titchmarsh Show”, etc. As one of the most popular faces on ‘The Great British Baking Show’, Jo has always been in demand and has given several interviews in the past. she also had the honor of being a judge on “Big School Bake Off”. As of this writing, Jo apparently has three sons, Billy, Jesse, and Dylan, with her husband, Rich. She also has an adorable grandson named Harley and adores her dog, Ellie. The baker is currently affiliated with Limelight Management and lives in Essex, England.

Where is John White now?

Moving on to the winner of the show’s third iteration, we have John Whaite. Since his time on the show, John has authored four different cookbooks, including “John Whaite Bakes”, “John Whaite Bakes at Home”, “Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients” and “Comfort: Food to Soothe the Drunk”. Her television career also appears to be flourishing, given her multiple appearances on several shows. John also had the honor of hosting ‘Chopping Block’ and appeared on the Season 19 finale of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. His time on the latter was certainly historic as he and Johannes Radebe were the very first same-sex couple on the Show. As of this writing, John is engaged to his partner of over 14 years, Paul Atkins, a graphic designer. The couple have been engaged since July 21, 2017. The reality TV star is also known for her charity work and social awareness campaigns.

Where is Frances Quinn now?

The show’s fourth season was won by none other than Frances Quinn, who combined her design background with baking to create beautiful masterpieces. Currently, Frances is a creative consultant and visual inspiration at Frances Quinn Limited. She has also written a book called “Quintessential Baking”, which aims to provide new ideas for her cooking. As of this writing, Frances holds two Guinness World Records for World’s Largest Jaffa Cake and Grand Slammy Jammy Dodger. Apparently, she plans to tackle Bourbon soon. Based in Market Harborough, England, the baker enjoys a happy relationship with Dafydd Goodwin.

Where is Nancy Birtwhistle now?

Nancy Birtwhistle won the fifth season of ‘The Great British Baking Show’ and has made impressive strides in the culinary realm since. At the time of writing, she has written three different books, “Green Living Made Easy: 101 Eco Tips, Hacks and Recipes to Save Time and Money”, “Clean & Green: 101 Hints and Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home ‘, and ‘Crackling and drizzling’. Currently, Nancy and her husband, Tim, live in a beautiful house with lots of garden space, which is used by the baker to grow his own produce. The couple have 9 grandchildren whom they love. Through her website and social media, Nancy enjoys sharing her recipes with the public and often posts food-related content.

Where is Nadiya Hussain now?

Perhaps one of the best-known contestants on the British baking series, Nadiya Hussain, the winner of Season 6 of ‘The Great British Baking Show’, has established herself as a successful woman in many fields. At the time of writing, Nadiya has authored 13 books, which fall into multiple genres like cooking, kids, and motivational. Her TV career has also been on the rise since winning the British baking series. In fact, the reality TV star has appeared on numerous shows over the years as a judge and host.

In 2020, Nadiya was recognized as a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the New Year Honors for her contribution to broadcasting and the culinary arts. The star baker had the honor of baking a cake for Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday in 2016, for which she baked an orange cake with orange curd and lemon buttercream. ‘orange. In December 2018, Nadiya remarried her husband Abdal Hussain, whom she originally married at the age of 20 after only one encounter due to the practice of arranged marriage in Bangladesh. The couple have two sons, Musa and Dawud, and a daughter named Maryam.

Where is Candice Brown now?

Speaking of the seventh season of the show, we have Candice Brown, the winner of the particular episode of the show. Since her time on the show, Candice has written two cookbooks titled “Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats” and “Happy Cooking: Easy Uplifting Meals and Comforting Treats”. She and her brother Ben are the owners of The Greenman Eversholt, a pub in Eversholt, England. The reality TV star is very active in charitable causes and often promotes different movements through her social networks.

Where is Sophie Faldo now?

The eighth season of ‘The Great British Baking Show’ saw Sophie Faldo claim the title of winner. Since then, the baker has opened her own business, Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes, specializing in wedding cakes. Based in Wiltshire, England, the company offers services in other parts of the country, including Somerset and the South West. Sophie was also part of “Travel With a Goat” alongside Abraham Bandera Baez in 2019. Based in Wiltshire, England, the reality TV star is affiliated with Kim Glover Entertainment and has an adorable cat named Odin.

Where is Rahul Mandal now?

Rahul Mandal has been crowned the winner of Season 9 of the British Baking Series. As of this writing, Rahul works as a researcher at the University of Sheffield’s Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing Research. Although he hasn’t made any moves towards switching domains at the time of writing, the baker appeared in the 2021 iteration of ‘The Great New Year Bake Off’ and won the competition. In May 2022, he also announced the release of his very first book titled “Showstopping Cakes”, which is currently available for pre-order. Currently, the researcher is based in Sheffield, England, and often shares his jaw-dropping baked creations on social media.

Where is David Atherton now?

The tenth iteration of the UK show saw David Atherton as the winner. Since being declared champion, David has become a respected name within the culinary industry. As of this writing, he has written three different cookbooks, “My First Cookbook: Bake, Prepare, and Learn to Cook”, “My First Green Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes for Young Cooks” and ‘My first cookbook: delicious recipes for budding bakers.’ Along with Michael Chakraverty, David hosts Sticky Bun Boys, a weekly podcast that deals with disastrous incidents involving cooking.Currently, the reality TV star is a food writer and director of Nomadbaker and is also a brand ambassador for Lily’s Kitchen. is in a happy relationship with Nik and is the owner of an adorable dog named Kai.

Where is Peter Sawkins now?

As of this writing, Peter Sawkins, the winner of Season 11 of “The Great British Baking Show,” is a student at the University of Edinburgh. The baker is in his third year of studying for a master of arts in accounting and finance. Peter also published his first cookbook, titled ‘Peter Bakes’, in October 2021, which was followed by his second book, ‘Peter’s Baking Party’, a year later in October 2022.

Currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the reality TV star had to clarify that he was not part of the LGBTQ+ community in June 2022. Speculation regarding his sexuality began due to a post where Peter shared extracts from a trip. The fact that he was holding another guy’s hand led many to believe he was dating during Pride month. However, he quickly cleared up the confusion so as not to let any rumors fester.

Where is Giuseppe Dell’Anno now?

Finally, we have Giuseppe Dell’Anno, the winner of season 12 of the baking show. The Italian captured the hearts of viewers and judges alike with his culinary skills. In October 2022 he published his first ever cookbook, ‘Italian Bakes’, alongside new books by Peter Sawkins and Rahul Mandal. After his stint in the baking series, Giuseppe moved to Milan, Italy to begin his new role as Senior Director of R&D at Sealed Air Corporation. The reality TV star apparently travels between Italy and England in order to spend time with her family. He also likes to share his recipes and promote different brands via social networks. Interestingly, Giuseppe seems to be on a self-proclaimed quest to meet as many attendees of “The Great British Baking Show” as possible and has made remarkable progress.

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