The ‘Intriguing’ Meghan Markle Podcast Intro Dubbed ‘Sincere but Also Unusual’


Meghan Markle included a trigger warning in the Oct. 11 episode of Archetypes.According to body language expert Judi James, Meghan Markle’s warning sounded “sincere but also unusual.” Meghan Markle had, according to James, a “tone of almost parental reassurance.” 

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The Meghan Markle podcast, Archetypes, featured what a body language expert dubbed a “sincere but also unusual” moment from . Ahead, learn what the Duchess of Sussex said in her warning and why an expert called it “unusual.” 

Meghan Markle warned listeners of ‘sensitive conversations’ in the Oct. 11 episode of ‘Archetypes’

When the Oct. 11 episode of Archetypes began streaming it came with a slightly different intro than previous episodes. Instead of Meghan simply mentioning the episode’s topic, she started with a warning. 

“Hi there,” Meghan began the “decoding of crazy” episode. “Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that this episode gets into some sensitive conversations. If you or someone you know is struggling or in need of assistance, we have some resources in our show notes.” 

“And by the way, if you find that this is too heavy for you to carry today, just tune out,” she added. “It’s OK. I’ll still be here next week.”

Following the warning, Meghan continued on. She revealed to listeners she, like so many other women, has been called “crazy.” From there she jumped into her discussion about the words “crazy” and “hysterical” being used to “diminish women’s credibility” with actors Jenny Slate, Constance Wu, and Deepika Padukone. 

Meghan Markle sounded ‘purely concerned’ about listeners ‘welfare and emotional responses’

Body language expert Judi James analyzed Meghan’s Oct. 11 Archetypes intro, zeroing in on how the 41-year-old sounded. 

“This is an intriguing intro from Meghan,” she told the U.K.’s Express. “We’re very used to getting warnings before TV shows start but they are often dual-purpose. Meaning they have one eye on our well-being but sometimes another on boosting viewers by provoking our curiosity.”

She continued, saying Meghan’s sole focus seemed to be the listeners. 

“Meghan sounds purely concerned for the welfare and emotional responses of her listeners and fans,” she said before adding the “warning sounds sincere but also unusual.” 

“Should we brace ourselves or just avoid listening?” James asked. “Presumably, the specific details to help that decision are in the notes she mentions.”

Meghan Markle delivered the warning on her podcast in a ‘chatty and personal’ way

James then examined Meghan’s tone in the intro. Particularly, how her speaking style and word choice helped convey a more conversational tone despite the serious subject matter. 

“Her tone sounds intend to be chatty and personal, using phrases like ‘by the way’ to create links between her points to suggest she is leading us down through our options,” James said. 

The expert noted Meghan’s final remark in the episode intro — “It’s ok. Just tune out, I will still be here next week.” — likened it to something a parent might say. 

It “seems to take a tone of almost parental reassurance, letting her fans know that she will still be there for them and that they shouldn’t worry about missing a podcast,” James explained.

Listen to the Oct. 11 episode of Archetypes on Spotify. A new episode of Meghan’s podcast drops every Tuesday. 

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