Theo James Says an Explanation for Cameron’s Nudity Is Coming

The White Lotus fans are no strangers to nudity, and The White Lotus Sicily features its fair share. In the first episode, “Ciao,” Theo James has a brief full-frontal scene with Aubrey Plaza that feels kind of confusing. Was Plaza’s character into it? What was James’ character’s motive in the scene? According to James, Cameron’s nude scene will come up again in episode 5. Here’s what the Divergent actor had to say about his nude scenes in The White Lotus Sicily.

Theo James as Cameron Sullivan in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2

‘The White Lotus’ cast season 2 features Theo James

James plays Cameron Sullivan, an obnoxious businessman who is visiting the White Lotus Sicily with his wife, Daphne (Meghann Fahy), college roommate Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe), and his wife, Harper (Plaza). In the first episode, it becomes clear Cameron doesn’t have a good relationship with Harper. He thinks she is only with Ethan for his money. 

Theo James’ ‘White Lotus’ Season 2 nudity ‘felt natural’ 

In the first episode of The White Lotus Sicily, “Ciao,” Cameron and Harper return to the Spiller’s room. She’s in search of sunscreen and he needs a bathing suit. After Harper finds one of Ethan’s swimsuits for Cameron to borrow, he strips down right in front of his best friend’s wife. Harper doesn’t look away and later tells Ethan about Cameron’s actions. 

Behind the scenes, James was extremely comfortable filming the scene. “It is in my contract that [I can’t] do anything without being completely naked,” James joked with Entertainment Tonight. In reality, being nude on camera “felt natural.”

‘The White Lotus Sicily’ will explain Cameron Babcock’s nudity in episode 5

James’ nude scene in The White Lotus Sicily happens in a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment. However, the actor says audiences will better understand that scene later in the season. 

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“At first … we don’t know whether it’s deliberate or [if] it’s accidental,” he explained. “But it reveals itself.” According to James, that explanation comes in episode 5. “There’s a purpose to [the nudity].” Like everything in Mike White’s The White Lotus, everything is intentional. 

‘The White Lotus’ Season 1 ramped up the nudity while season 2 toned it down

According to James, the nudity that made it into the final cut differs from the scenes they first filmed. “The initial version we shot was way too much,” said the actor. “So, we did a more subtle version. They toned it [down].” 

The opposite happened in season 1. Armond (Murray Bartlett) and his subordinate Dillon (Lukas Gage) have an intense sex scene that was originally supposed to be them having sex. However, Bartlett suggested the change. Instead of getting caught having sex, the two are found by hotel guest Shane Patton (Jake Lacy) and resort employee Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) with Armond’s face in Dillon’s butt. 

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“We said, ‘Wouldn’t it be more interesting if [Dillon’s] getting his salad tossed?,’” Gage told the AV Club. “I mean, how often do we see that on TV?” I think it’s much more interesting and more jarring to walk in on.” White agreed and that’s what made the final cut. 

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