Tori Deal Admits She Hooked up With Fessy Shafaat ‘out of Spite’

The Challenge stars Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal got engaged during 2019’s War of the Worlds 2 but have since split. Around the time they announced the end of their engagement, Tori went on vacation with co-star Fessy Shafaat. She recently revealed she hooked up with him “out of spite” after her breakup.

Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal reunited on ‘The Challenge’ Season 38

Following Turabi “Turbo” Çamkıran and Tamara Alfaro’s elimination, three-time champ Jordan Wiseley joined the competition alongside veteran Aneesa Ferreira.

While Tori Deal was excited to see her best friend and podcast co-host, she had mixed feelings about reuniting with ex-fiance Jordan.

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In a confessional, the three-time finalist revealed they hadn’t talked to each other since their breakup over a year ago. Additionally, Jordan gave his backstory on his three-year relationship with Tori in his interview, noting they were very happy at one point.

However, it turned “dark” in the last few months, ultimately ending their engagement. After returning to the house, Tori shared her mental health journey with Aneesa and how she feels addressing it has helped her deal with the current situation.

Tori admitted she hooked up with Fessy Shafaat’ out of spite’

She revealed in a confessional that she hooked up with Fessy two months after she and Jordan split “out of spite,” which she knows “crushed” him.

Therefore, Tori can’t help but view the Big Brother star as a “walking, living mistake.”

The Are You the One? star later approached Jordan as the rest of the cast unwound at a club before the third elimination as she had “questions.” The reality star explained she wanted to continue working on their relationship while he concluded the two were over.

She continued, noting it made her feel abandoned, resulting in her decision to hook up with their co-star. Tori became emotional as she repeatedly apologized and promised she had since changed.

Many fans previously thought Tori cheated on Jordan with Fessy

In December 2021, a year after the couple broke up, alum Jemmye Carroll released a video sharing details about Tori and Jordan’s split. She claimed the AYTO star went on the vacation to Turks and Caicos with Fessy while still engaged and said Jordan discovered the trip through social media.

After returning, Jemmye said Tori wanted to work on the relationship, while Jordan refused, ultimately leading to the end of their relationship. Tori insisted she never cheated on her then-fiance but admitted to handling the breakup poorly.

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According to the MTV star, she and Jordan split in October 2020 but waited until December to announce it. A week after sharing the news, Tori went to Turks and Caicos with Fessy. The three-time champ corroborated her story in his response, noting that it wasn’t cheating but a badly timed situation.

Many fans thought something happened between Tori and Fessy before they announced their breakup, as he shared an attraction toward her during an episode of 2021’s Double Agents, which began filming in August 2020. The Challenge 38: Double Agents premieres Wednesdays on MTV.