Tory MP Nadine Dorries’ horrifying I’m A Celeb trial left viewers queasy

Matt Hancock is preparing to enter I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in Australia. However, he’s not the first politician to enter the jungle. Fans are remembering the time Nadine Dorries participated in the show and how her bushtucker trial left viewers feeling queasy.

While some might think that Matt Hancock is the first member of the parliament to shock his constituency by appearing in I’m A Celeb, there has been others before him, including Nadine Dorries.

Her journey was short, and she became the first to be eliminated. Still, the British politician had plenty of memorable scenes, most of them of which were unappetizing.

Nadine Dorries ate part of an ostrich on I’m A Celeb bushtucker trial

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10 years ago, the former culture secretary Nadine Dorries participated in the series alongside Helen Flanagan, David Haye, and Ashley Roberts.

Her stay in the jungle may have been short, but still very memorable. So memorable that her rather unpleasant bushtucker trial left some fans queasy. The MP had to eat part of an ostrich’s bottom (or, technically, the cloacal opening) in order to pass the trial. Clips of the harrowing ordeal are still online.

In front of millions of viewers and those who voted for Nadine to enter the Bushtucker Trial, the political ate off-putting foods and went through hard challenges for two days straight.

Alongside former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan, the two went on a crazy 48-hour journey. Both survived 10 minutes underground locked in a coffin with jungle creatures in one challenge. They also ate a rotten egg and a baked spider.

Nadine told the cameras she expected it. The reason? “Because I’m an MP and everyone hates an MP”.

Later, she admitted she felt “sick as a dog”.

Matt Hancock is not the first suspended MP by the Tories

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Following the news Matt Hancock is set to join the cast in the jungle, the MP has been suspended due to his upcoming appearance on the ITV show, writes the BBC.

Nadine was also suspended by the Conservative party during her time on the show, The Guardian reports. This was because she took time off from the parliament to become a contestant without previously asking for consent.

The British politician was reportedly paid £40,000 to take part in the show, while her annual salary as a politician exceeded £65,000. However, celeb’s paychecks for their time on the programme are not always disclosed.

A political ally has said Hancock’s purpose in participating in the series is to connect with the British public. It’s said he wants to raise awareness in important issues, such as his dyslexia campaign.

Where is Nadine Dorries now?

Now 65, Nadine has not technically lost her seat in the parliament. Following her short experience in the Australian jungle, the politician apologized after breaking the code of conduct. She was later re-admitted as an MP.

In 2019, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed her as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Patient Safety.

Nadine was then promoted to Minister of State in 2020. She became Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport the following year.

After being offered to stay in her position when former Prime Minister Liz Truss took over Boris’ delegation, Nadine later resigned after a year in office.



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