Vishal and Richa’s Dream Wedding Was 3 Times Over Budget – ‘It Was Worth It!’ [Exclusive]

Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana’s lavish Family Karma wedding that spanned multiple days at a gorgeous resort in Mexico blew the wedding budget – but Parvani said it was well worth it.

“I went three times over my budget,” Parvani dished with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “If people knew how much I spent on this wedding … it’s crazy. But it was worth it! You only get married once hopefully.”

“I think we really wanted to focus on just having everyone there and having fun and keeping it relatively young. I think having a destination wedding, the people that really want to be there are going to be there. So that was awesome.”

Was a Mexico ‘Family Karma’ wedding always the plan for Vishal and Richa?

Parvani and Sadana’s Family Karma wedding was held in Cancun, Mexico at the TRS Coral Hotel. Footage showed breathtaking beaches, incredible suites with infinity pools, and endless buffets. Parvani explained during the first episode the couple chose Mexico because it is one of their favorite vacation destinations. But Mexico wasn’t the original plan.

Richa Sadana, Vishal Parvani | Monica Schipper/Bravo

“Actually, our original plan was to get married and Jaipur India at one of the big palaces over there,” he revealed. “But, given the time that we were in and at that point, India was closed. So we couldn’t do that.”

“But you know what? Mexico far surpassed my wildest expectations for a destination wedding,” he said. “It was fabulous. Like they were so on point. The only other area that I could compare it to is it felt like I’ve been to a few weddings – and I’m going in two weeks again for another wedding in Bali – and it’s like that and then some. It was amazing.”

Was the ‘Family Karma’ wedding a typical Indian wedding?

For those who haven’t attended an Indian wedding, is Parvani’s Family Karma wedding a typical Indian wedding? “So there are Indian weddings and then there’s like Sindhis weddings, which I’m Sindhis,” he said. “And we’re a little over the top when it comes to like partying and having fun and all these events. So yeah, it’s a little bit more lavish and over-the-top, but the amount of days in advance, that’s pretty standard. It was big and we loved it.”

But he admitted his wedding was probably more than the typical wedding. Plus he was a total groomzilla. “I want flamingos outside! I want fireworks in the daytime!” he laughed.

“In my mind, it far surpassed my expectations,” he said about the multi-day event. “They threw in a few extra surprises for me that I didn’t even plan. My wedding planners were just that great. They really came through and it was so smooth. And having so many events, you’re having three or four events per day. To have all of them run so smoothly, it really takes a lot of effort and I’m so glad everything went so well.”

How did Vishal and Richa plan such a big event from Florida?

Planning a local wedding is a headache, but pulling off an Indian wedding from thousands of miles away seems impossible. Parvani said there weren’t any hiccups during any part of the wedding. He credits his planners and being heavily involved every step of the way.

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“We did take a visit over there to tour the sites in person,” he said. “But after that, it was all video calls. And even then, with our designers preparing our clothes in India, me and Richa were up at like 3 a.m. having phone calls via Zoom with Indian designers.”

“It was a mission to plan this wedding. It was a lot of work, a lot of effort, and no sleep on both of our parts,” he added.

Family Karma is on Sunday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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