What Whitney Rose Says is Missing From Season 3 of the Show

While The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is giving tons of drama this season with potential prison sentences and friendship fallouts, fans miss the cooky characteristics of Mary Cosby. The Pentecostal pastor was a trending topic on social media during her two seasons on the show, and fans were saddened by her absence. Even Whitney Rose says Cosby is the missing ingredient this season.

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Mary Cosby left the show in Season 2 and didn’t attend the reunion special

Cosby was a controversial fan favorite. Her marriage to her late grandmother’s second husband caused confusion, and she was considered to be odd and socially awkward at times. But she was funny. However, after allegations of her stealing from her church members ran rampant during the second season began, she grew distrustful of the show and producers. 

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She left RHOSLC after skipping the show’s second-season reunion. “I didn’t go because it was one-sided,” she later explained of her absence on Twitter Spaces with fans. “Everyone heard one side of what they felt. I mean, they told lies, one side of my story.”

Andy Cohen later revealed on his radio show that her absence was “very disappointing” but that he was not surprised by her decision not to attend. “I spoke to her on New Year’s Eve, a few hours before I went on the air [for CNN], we had a long talk,” he said. “It’s her story to tell, but I got the sense that she was not finding gratitude in being on the show anymore.”

Whitney Rose explains why Mary Cosby is missed

While the cast, with the exception of Meredith Marks, were curious about the allegations against Cosby and Rose was the most invested, Rose says she misses Cosby on the show. “I miss her one-liners so much,” Rose revealed on the “Bravo, Bravo, Effing Bravo” panel during BravoCon 2022. “I always waited to see what would come out of her mouth. There’d be mass chaos happening, and I always wanted to know what she’d say.”

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Cosby’s commentary was always a hit with social media users. And, even her co-stars were stunned by her wit. “She brought a lot,” Rose added of Cosby. “You don’t really realize when someone’s gone, even if they’re not your fan and they’re rude, she brought a lot to the show. And we miss her.”

There were other iconic moments Rose pointed out. “I mean, she fell asleep at reunion!” Rose recalled about Cosby from the Season 2 reunion.

The former ‘RHOSLC’ member is rumored to be returning in Season 4

Cosby isn’t the only person missed. Cohen revealed during BravoCon that he doesn’t foresee Jen Shah returning next season amid her guilty plea as a participant in a major telemarketing scheme. With that in mind, there’s a reported open spot, and Cosby is rumored to be returning to fill Shah’s spot. If that turns out to be the case, she’ll likely address rumors about her church and mismanagement of funds that were left unanswered in season 2.

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