What’s Coming to Netflix UK in November 2022

Welcome to your preview of what’s set to come to Netflix in the UK throughout November 2022. It’s going to be a stacked month of new movies and series coming to the service in the UK, so here’s the full list that will be updated over time.

Over 100 films and series are also set to leave Netflix UK throughout November, so keep an eye out for any withdrawals here.

Looking for US versions of Netflix? We’ve got you covered here, and we also have a breakdown of upcoming Netflix Originals here.

Full list of what’s coming to Netflix UK in November 2022

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Some international titles have been omitted from this list.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on November 1

Buddy Games (2019) – Josh Duhamel directs this WWE Films comedy about a competing group of friends in Felon (2008) – Ric Roman Waugh writes and directs this violent prison thriller. Gabby’s Dollhouse (season 6) Netflix original series – Animated children’s series from DreamWorks TV. Jungleland (2019) – Boxing movie starring Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell. Kimi ni todoke: From Me to You (Multiple Seasons) – Anime series about a high school girl coming out of her shell. Molang (Multiple Seasons) – Animated children’s series about a kind-hearted, imaginative rabbit and his friend, a shy chick, exploring the everyday joys of their pastel-colored world. Fate (2020) – Horror starring Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine and Lorraine Burroughs about a man who crash lands in rural Appalachia. The Ghost (2022) – Indian action film about a former agent unleashing his deadly skills. The Takeover (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Dutch crime action movie. Travel Man: 48 Hours In… (Season 5) – Documentary series about the travels of Richard Ayoade and Joe Lycett on Channel 4. In this season, they travel to Rome, Valencia, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Young Royals (Season 2) Netflix original series – A winter break has passed and Prince Wilhelm and the rest of his classmates are back in Hillerska. When Wilhelm tries to get revenge on August and regain Simon’s trust, he creates problems that threaten the entire monarchy. Young Sheldon (Season 4) – The final season of the prequel series The Big Bang Theory.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on November 2

Killer Sally (limited series) Netflix original series – True crime documentary series about a bodybuilder who killed her husband. Until Death (Season 2) – Arabic Series. The Undateables (Multiple Seasons) – Channel 4’s dating series which sees people with disabilities register with a dating agency to help find an understanding romantic partner.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 3rd

Blockbuster (Season 1) Netflix original series – New comedy sitcom set in the last remaining hit store. Panayotis Pascot: Almost (2022) Netflix Original Special – French stand-up comedy special. The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos (Season 4) Netflix original series – Fantasy animated series for children.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 4th

Buy Beverly Hills (Season 1) Netflix original series – First season of a new series of reality goods. Ẹlẹṣin Ọba: The King’s Rider (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Nollywood drama. Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Netflix Original Movie – The sequel to Millie Bobby Brown’s film starring Henry Cavill. Lookism (Season 1) Netflix original series – Anime series based on the webtoon Park Tae-joon. Manifesto (Season 4 – Part 1) Netflix original series – The first half of the oversized final season. 3 previous seasons exclusive to NowTV. Scarlet Hill (Season 1) – Vietnamese crime drama. The Fabulous (Season 1) Netflix original series – Korean romance drama series about four friends chasing their dreams in the competitive world of fashion. The Secrets of Greco Family (Season 1) – Mexican detective series based on a true story. The Syndicate (Season 1) – This episodic drama delves into the lives of cash-strapped workers whose worlds are turned upside down when they win millions in the lottery.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 5th

Blitzed! (2020) – Musical documentary about the London Club Blitz which saw visits from David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Midge Ure. Cuba’s Wild Revolution (2020) – PBS nature documentary. El Dorado (2012) – Documentary following a Blues Brother tribute band. Orgasm Inc: The OneTaste Story (Season 1) Netflix original series – A sexual wellness company is gaining notoriety and followers for its practice of “orgasmic meditation” – until members come forward with troubling claims. The Haunting of Margam Castle (2020) – British horror film.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 8th

Illumination’s Minions & More 2 (2022) – Another batch of animated shorts based on the Minions universe. Neal Brennan: Blocks (2022) Netflix Original Special – Standing comedy. The Claus Family 2 (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Sequel to the Dutch Christmas live action movie. Triviaverse (2022) Netflix Original Special – Interactive quiz.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 9th

FIFA Uncovered (Season 1) Netflix original series – Docu-series on the corruption and controversy surrounding football’s governing body. The Crown (Season 5) Netflix original series – The final and penultimate season of Netflix’s drama series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Football Soccer Movie (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Animated film featuring some of your favorite football icons.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on November 10

Falling for Christmas (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Netflix’s new Christmas romantic comedy starring Lindsay Lohan. Lost Bullet 2 (2022) Netflix Original Movie – French action film. Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia (Season 1) Netflix original series – Reality TV series in Spanish. Motherland (Season 3) – Comedy sitcom about a group of moms and a stay-at-home dad struggling to juggle childcare and personal care as they experience the thrills and trials of parenthood. Alabama State vs. Britanny Smith (2022) Netflix Original Documentary – This documentary tells the harrowing story of a woman trying to use Alabama’s Stand Your Ground law after killing a man she believes brutally attacked her. Synchronic (2019) – Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan star in this sci-fi film about two paramedics questioning their realities. Warrior Nun (Season 2) Netflix original series – The second season of the underrated action series.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on November 11

Ancient Apocalypse (Season 1) Netflix original series – Docuseries on the theories of pseudo-archaeology. Don’t Go (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Turkish romantic drama about a man who is suddenly dumped. Down to Earth with Zac Efron (Season 2) Netflix original series – Zac Efron travels in this new documentary series where he goes to Australia. Is that dark enough for you?!? (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Documentary by director Elvis Mitchell on black cinema of the 1970s. Monica, ô my darling (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Hindi movie about a robotics expert joining a murder plot. My Father’s Dragon (2022) Netflix Original Movie – From Irish studio Cartoon Saloon, this new animated adaptation tells the story of a young boy who leaves the town of Nevergreen and comes across a ferocious beast.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 14th

The Hidden Lives of Pets (Season 1) – Previously released as a Netflix Original outside of the UK, this docuseries is now coming to Netflix UK. Reported by Hugh Bonneville.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 15th

Johanna Nordström: Call the Police (2022) Netflix Original Special – Swedish stand-up comedy. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (2022) Netflix Original Special – Interactive animated special for children. Run for the Money (Season 1) Netflix original series – Japanese reality series.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 16th

Off Track (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Swedish comedy sports film. One of us lies (Season 2) Netflix original series – The second season of the teen series Peacock Racionais MC’s: From the Streets of São Paulo (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Documentary on Brazilian rap. The Lost Lotteries (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Thai comedy. The Wonder (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Sebastián Lelio’s new period crime thriller based on Emma Donoghue’s novel starring Florence Pugh.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 17th

1899 (Season 1) Netflix original series – When mysterious events change the course of an immigrant ship en route to New York in 1899, a mind-bending riddle unfolds for its perplexed passengers. From the creators of DARK. Christmas with you (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. star in this new holiday-themed romance flick. Dead to Me (Season 3) Netflix original seriess – The third and final season of Netflix’s hit comedy-drama. I Am Vanessa Guillen (2022) Netflix Original Documentary – Vanessa Guillen was 20 when she was found murdered at a US Army base. Rather than submit to silence, her family fought for justice and change.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 18

Elite (Season 6) Netflix original series – The latest entry in the Spanish teen detective series. Supreme Reign (Season 1) Netflix original series – French musical series with Anthony Bajon and Melvin Boomer. Slumberland (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Jason Momoa stars in this fantastic new family film about a young girl discovering a secret map to a magical dream world. Someone (Season 1) Netflix original series – Korean detective series about a software developer who gets caught up in a murder ring via a dating app.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 19

The Jonestown Haunting (2020) – British B-horror film about a tragedy 10 years later with survivors revisiting the site.

What’s New on Netflix UK November 24th

First Love (Season 1) Netflix original series – Japanese romantic drama. The Christmas Diary (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Christmas feature with Justin Hartley.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on November 30

My Name is Vendetta (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Italian detective film.

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