When are the new episodes of The Mole coming out on Netflix?

Four episodes at a time on Netflix’s new reality series The Mole are releasing, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its next batch of scenes. The show sees 12 contestants trying to work together to find out who the impostor is.

With a pot of $1 million to start, a “mole” is trying to sabotage his cash winnings, and each time he succeeds, he will have the power to reduce the remaining amount to be brought back to the winner.

So when are the new episodes of The Mole coming out? There are only a few days left until the grand finale airs, so let’s find out exactly when the big impostor reveal is due to hit the streaming platform… (Hint: there’s not long to wait!).

The mole. (L to R) Dom Gabriel, Kesi Neblett in episode 101 of The Mole. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Fans demand more eps from The Mole

With only a few episodes released at a time, fans of The Mole can’t wait to keep binge-watching, but are forced to wait an entire week for the next batch to hit Netflix. As a result, many are sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

A fan wrote: “‘The Mole’ on Netflix is ​​one of the best reality shows ever! It must have 100 more seasons. But I don’t like to wait for the next episode, they should drop the whole season by one cut !! #The mole #TheMoleNetflix.”

Another one writing: “Started the new season of #The mole on Netflix but I didn’t realize that all the episodes weren’t out yet.

“I’m new to Twitters, but I’m going to ask who’s ready for the next batch of episodes of #The mole on Netflix! ? Friday can’t come soon enough! #Netflix #TheMoleNetflix“, reacted a viewer.

When are the new episodes of The Mole coming out?

New episodes of The Mole will air on Friday, October 21, which are the final two episodes (9 and 10). The show’s first batch of episodes were released on October 7, 2022, before episodes 6-8 were released on October 14.

Overall, Episodes 1-8 are now on Netflix at the time of writing (October 19). Fans eager to watch the final two episodes, where The Mole’s identity will be revealed, will have to wait a few days for its release.

As with The Circle, the series didn’t release all the episodes at once, which made the wait even more unbearable for fans! However, this way, no spoilers can be given before the airing day of the last episode.

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What time does Netflix release new episodes?

Netflix will release new episodes of The Mole at 3am ET / 12pm PT. New shows and movies normally hit the streaming platform at midnight San Francisco time (12:00 p.m. PT) — where Netflix’s headquarters are located.

This is often the case for Netflix Originals, which release new episodes every week, meaning they’ll be uploaded at the same time everywhere else. For example, those in continental Europe get them at 9am.



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