Where are paranormal investigators Brandy Miller and Jereme Leonard now?

Netflix’s “28 Days Haunted” is a horror reality series that tries to prove the validity of the 28-day cycle theory proposed by iconic paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The show invites several teams of investigators to stay in a haunted place for 28 days without any external communication. During their mission, the participants must do their best to find out the reasons for the paranormal activities around them.

The show’s first season featured three who had to investigate the secrets of three separate locations. One such group was that of Brandy Miller and Jereme Leonard, who had to stay at Madison Dry Goods in Madison, North Carolina. Their time at the property was full of chilling discoveries, but the couple persevered and completed their task. Many of their admirers are eager to find out what paranormal investigators are up to these days, and we’re here to explore the same!

Brandy Miller and Jereme Leonard’s 28 Day Haunted Journey

Brandy Miller, a psychic medium, has teamed up with Jereme Leonard, a demonologist, to explore the secrets of Madison Dry Goods in Madison, North Carolina. Even before entering the property, Brandy was apparently able to see a vision of a woman with chuckling children on the stairs with a large amount of blood. Upon entering, the duo came across a family portrait that resembled the people in Brandy’s vision.

While exploring the house, Brandy and Jereme came across a room with a casket, indicating the property’s history as a funeral home. Terrified by the implications, the investigators nevertheless decided to find out as much as possible. Jereme came up with the idea of ​​putting Brandy in a coffin and holding her last rites in order to attract spirits. During the process, Brandy felt like she was surrounded by multiple entities and then sensed a malevolent presence. Soon after, Brandy made a spirit connection to the eldest daughter, who kept talking about a baby. Slowly but surely, Brandy pieced together the story of the girl’s pregnancy and how the father figure seemed to have killed the family.

The Psychic then decided to establish a connection with the mother spirit. During a conversation with said entity, a malevolent presence appeared to attempt to enter the area and interrupt the process. The spirit seemed to be provoked by Jerome’s prayers, which also helped keep him away. During this process, Brandy felt like she was physically hurt by a paranormal being. She wanted to quit because she didn’t want to bring any malevolent energy home and harm herself. She explained to Jereme how she had been unable to sleep in the bedrooms because the paranormal energy was quite high there. In the end, the couple decided to sleep downstairs, which seemed to help Brandy.

The pair then made a connection with the spirit of the father figure, who they discovered was named Charlie. Soon the group came to the conclusion that the eldest daughter may be pregnant with her own father’s child. The discovery of the same may have prompted the man to kill his family. Realizing that his prayers seemed to provoke the harmful spirit, Jereme began to antagonize Charlie, which seemed to end in a pressured confrontation.

Following this, Jereme’s behavior changed drastically. He kept complaining of headaches, seemed to lose his passion for the job, and even started arguing with Brandy. Afraid of what that might mean, Brandy decided to break the rule of external communication and approached the show’s producers for guidance. The showmakers helped her get in touch with a reputable paranormal expert who was also very knowledgeable about the history of Madison Dry Goods. It was then revealed that a man named Charlie Lawson killed his entire family on the property. He also appears to have shown a dramatic change in behavior in the months leading up to the murders. Strangely, Charlie seemed to have exhibited the same behaviors as Jereme.

Brandy decided to sit down with Jereme and explain her theory that she believed a demon was haunting the house and was currently trying to possess Jereme. She went on to say that the same spirit may have overtaken Charlie and led him down the criminal path. Shocked by the revelation, Jereme decided to confront the spirit using a magnet-based headgear, which would amplify his psychic powers. This resulted in a confrontation between the harmful entity and Jereme, with the latter suddenly feeling physically ill. He was then rushed to the nearest hospital by the producers. Jerem was found to be showing signs of the early stages of a heart attack, although doctors apparently couldn’t determine the reason.

Back at Madison Dry Goods, Jerem was back to himself and thanked Brandy for her concern and help. The duo once again established a connection with Charlie and confirmed their theory that the father had been possessed by the demon. Using his skills as a demonologist, Jereme attempted to subdue the being as much as possible in order to allow the human family a chance to pass on to the afterlife. After completing their task, Jereme and Brandy felt they had helped uncover a long-forgotten mystery.

Where are Brandy Miller and Jereme Leonard now?

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Brandy Miller, aka Brandy Marie, currently lives in Taylor, Michigan. According to Brandy, her maternal ancestors have had psychic talents for generations, and her daughter is also capable. Using her abilities, Brandy tries to connect people with their deceased loved ones. For more than 9 years, she has been traveling across the United States in order to discover the history of different places and hopefully find out the truth about missing persons cases. Some of his stories have also been featured in Daily Mail TV, Travel Channels etc. Brandy is apparently also a member of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX).

Currently, Jereme works as a professional firefighter in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. He has apparently been active in the field of paranormal investigation for over 14 years and has ten years experience as a demonologist. Besides being an ordained minister, Jereme is also the author of “The Dwelling, A Dark Entity”. The reality TV star helped found Cajun Ministry and is a co-host of “Ghost Of Morgan City” on the Travel Channel. Based in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Jereme has been married since October 24, 2015 and has a stepdaughter named Bre Portier. He also has an adorable dog named Lille. We wish Brandy, Jereme and their loved ones the best for the future.

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