Where is Ben Oxley’s ex-wife, Dawn Oxley, now?

In February 2008, authorities rushed to the Oxley home after Melissa Oxley found her husband, Benjamin “Ben” Oxley, shot in the head. As the investigation continued, everything pointed to Ben’s ex-wife’s boyfriend, James Matlean. NBC News”Dateline: While They Were Sleeping’ focuses on how Ben was killed and why Ben’s ex-wife, Dawn Oxley, became a crucial part of the investigation. So if you’re wondering where she might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Dawn Oxley?

Ben and Dawn Oxley met in 1997, soon beginning a relationship. They married in 1999 and had a daughter together, Alyssa, who was six at the time of the incident. However, the couple divorced in 2004, with Ben marrying Melissa Oxley in 2006. After the divorce, Ben was given full custody of Alyssa and Dawn had to pay monthly child support. As a result, Ben and Dawn’s relationship was fraught with difficulty.

At around 3:30 a.m. on February 21, 2008, Melissa called 911 after finding Ben with a gunshot to the head in their bedroom. While looking at possible suspects, Melissa pointed to an ex-boyfriend of Dawn’s, but that person was ruled out. Then, a few months into the investigation, police revisited Dawn, who was living with James Matlean, her boyfriend.

Authorities realized that Dawn and James lied about their alibis and began to examine them closely. Finally, in August 2009, Dawn came forward with information and said, “If I confess to murdering my ex-husband, are you going to put me in jail?” As a result, she was granted immunity from prosecution for her testimony. Dawn then told the police that she was mad at Ben, but she never asked James to kill him.

According to Dawn, she only mentioned wanting Ben to fall off the face of the earth. Dawn further claimed that when James asked her if she wanted Ben murdered, she said no. According to witnesses, James and Dawn had been drinking the night before the murder. Dawn’s son told the police that the two were planning Ben’s death so Dawn could get custody of Alyssa and stop paying child support.

However, Dawn denied all of this. She also claimed to have fallen asleep on the couch that night and said Ben woke her up later saying, “It’s done.” After that, Dawn said she followed James to his mother’s house because he wanted to leave his car there. As for her last contact with Ben, Dawn said she hadn’t seen him in weeks, only seeing him for Alyssa’s visits. She added: “I try to avoid him. He’s my ex-husband and we haven’t had a wonderful life together.

Where is Dawn Oxley today?

Dawn’s testimony ultimately led to James’s conviction for Ben’s murder. However, while James admitted to the shooting, he claimed Dawn was the mastermind. James said she wanted Ben and Melissa dead and was with him before and during the murder. But ultimately, Dawn denied the allegations. Over the years, she’s had her run-ins with the law and been back and forth in jail.

Beginning in October 2009, Dawn was in jail for six months for violating probation; she had her second DUI and had convictions for domestic battery in the past. In October 2011, she was sentenced to 90 months in prison after pleading no contest to allowing a child to be present during the commission of a controlled substance violation. The child in question was Dawn’s then 15-year-old daughter. It was reported that she was released in 2014 and has maintained a low profile ever since. From what we can tell, Dawn now goes by a different name and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She previously worked as a waitress in a restaurant and social media indicates that she has an interest in motorcycles.

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