Where was Raymond & Ray filmed?

Written and directed by Rodrigo García, “Raymond & Ray” follows the lives of two half-brothers after the death of their father. Despite their terrible childhood, the two reunite and set out to fulfill their father’s dying wish to dig his grave. This act forces them to confront their past, introspect themselves, and truly understand the effect of their father on their lives.

The film takes audiences on an emotional roller coaster by combining genres such as dark comedy, drama, and slice of life. He explores themes such as difficult relationships, repressed memories, trauma and catharsis in an authentic way. An important factor contributing to the film’s realism and melancholy tone is its dark backdrop. If you are curious about the filming locations of “Raymond & Ray”, let us give you a little tour.

Raymond & Ray Filming Locations

“Raymond & Ray” was filmed in various cities and counties in southeastern Virginia, with the majority of scenes recorded in central Virginia. Filming for the Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke star began in October 2021 and production would have wrapped in August 2022. Per state production regulations, the film likely received a percentage of the tax credit for Virginia Cinema for its contribution to the region’s economy. by choosing it as a filming location.

Interestingly, producer Julie Lynn has a prior connection to the state. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a board member of the Virginia Film Festival. On top of that, “Raymond & Ray” marks Ethan Hawke’s second visit to the state for the purpose of filming; his miniseries, “The Good Lord Bird”, was also filmed in Virginia. Let’s get to the specific locations of the film.

Richmond, Virginia

Most of the film was shot in various fascinating locations in Richmond, Virginia’s capital. In November 2021, key scenes from the film were captured at Oakwood Cemetery, which also served as the burial site for Raymond and Ray’s late father. The dull atmosphere of this site lends itself to the despair of the characters and elevates their grief. Located at the east end of Richmond, between Nine Mile Road and Stony Run Parkway, the sprawling plaza holds the graves of more than 48,000 people, including many Civil War soldiers.

Another curious location choice is downtown Richmond. A few scenes from the film were shot on and around West Broad Street. The film crew was notably spotted next to the Quirk Hotel, an offbeat boutique hotel that offers rooms, suites, artistic experiences, wedding and meeting venues, and multiple restaurants. So the cast and crew could have filmed at the 4-star hotel for a brief period.

The team also leveraged Jackson Ward for a few crucial scenes, some of which would involve Ethan Hawke and Sophie Okonedo filming at night. Historically an African-American neighborhood in Richmond, the site likely served as the backdrop for one of the pivotal moments between the two characters – where Ray runs and stops Kiera’s car halfway through. While filming this scene, a Twitter user managed to capture a few moments from a distance, as you can see below.

In addition to this, the film was shot in Fulton Hill and Church Hill. The former is one of Richmond’s oldest neighborhoods stretching from Gillies Creek to the city limits. Church Hill, also known as St. John’s Church Historic District, is the eastern terminus of Broad Street. This is where Patrick Henry gave the “Give Me Liberty” speech in 1775. Both of these neighborhoods have a classic aesthetic that adds to the rustic vibe of the film. Some other important shows and movies that were filmed here include “Dopesick”, “Homeland”, “Mission Impossible III” and many more.

Hopewell, Virginia

The film was also shot in the historic waterfront town of Hopewell, Prince George’s County, in the southeastern part of the state. From October 18 to 21, the production team shot some scenes at Sixth Avenue, between West Broadway Avenue and City Point Road as well as West Broadway Avenue, which was closed to the public on October 21. These roads could have been the backdrop for scenes in which Ray and Raymond travel by car.

Other Virginia Locations

Besides these locations, the crew filmed a few scenes in the Cartersville community of Cumberland County, Goochland County, and even the city of Petersburg. A common thread between these places is the way they bring together contemporary and traditional atmospheres. They give off a vibrant yet dark vibe, similar to the overall tone and characters of the film.

During the filming schedule, Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor were spotted exploring the local restaurant scene. For one thing, Ethan and his daughter, Maya Hawke, enjoyed a sumptuous meal at Cul’s Courthouse Grille in Charles City County. Separately, Ewan McGregor and his wife were seen taking a photo with staff at The Lilly Pad in east Henrico County in Richmond.

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