Where You’ve Seen Daphne Actor Meghann Fahy Before

Meghann Fahy joins The White Lotus Season 2 cast as Daphne Babcock, a woman who’s on vacation in Italy with her husband and friends. Viewers may recognize the actor from other projects. So here’s a breakdown of her career and where they may have seen her before. 

Meghann Fahy as Daphne in ‘The White Lotus’ | Fabio Lovino/HBO

Meghann Fahy was the star of ‘The Bold Type’ 

Fahy is an American actor who started her career in 2009 on an episode of Gossip Girl. She went on to land a recurring role as Hannah O’Connor in the ABC soap, One Life to Live.

From 2011 to 2017, Fahy was featured in episodes of several popular TV shows, including The Good Wife, Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU, and Blue Bloods. She also starred in films like Burning Bodhi and Miss Sloane. 

The actor landed her breakout role in 2017 as Sutton Brady in the Freeform comedy-drama, The Bold Type. Fahy was part of the show’s main cast for all five seasons. 

Meghann Fahy plays Daphne Babcock in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2

The White Lotus Season 2 follows a new group of travelers who come together while vacationing at a luxury resort in Sicily. Fahy portrays Daphne, the wife of Theo James’ character, Cameron Babcock. 

Daphne and Cameron are accompanied by their best friends, Harper and Ethan Spiller, played by actors Aubrey Plaza and Will Sharpe. According to Fahy, Daphne is a complex character. And there’s much more to her than meets the eye. 

“Daphne is someone who appears to be the easy, breezy, sunshine girl,” Fahy told Entertainment Weekly.

“But one of the cool parts about her arc is that there’s a lot more happening under the surface. She seems like a passive housewife, and then you realize that couldn’t be further from the truth as the show unfolds.”

Fans will get to see Fahy dive into the character when the show airs. But critics with early access to the season are already talking about how amazing her performance is. 

“You all are frankly unprepared for how good Meghann Fahy is in the new White Lotus,” New Yorker writer Rachel Syme posted on Twitter.

Alexandria Daddario got the part Meghann Fahy auditioned for in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 1

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Fahy has been eyeing a role on The White Lotus for some time. In her chat with Entertainment Weekly, the 32-year-old revealed that she auditioned for the part of Rachel Patton for season 1. But the role ultimately went to Alexandria Daddario, who picked up a 2022 Emmy nomination for her performance.

However, Fahy has nothing but praise for Daddario. And she shared how she is to be a part of season 2. “[Alexandria Daddarrio] was f****** amazing, and I’m sure hundreds of other people auditioned for that too,” Fahy said.

“I still kind of can’t even believe that I’m in this season. It’s such an unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, for a myriad of reasons.”

The White Lotus Season 2 premiered on Oct. 30, 2022, on HBO. New episodes will air weekly, on Sunday nights. 

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