Who is Ken, Zora’s husband based on? Is Attica Locke’s husband a former NFL player?

Netflix’s “From Scratch” is the story of Amy and Lino, whose love story has many ups and downs. It starts out as something straight out of a fairy tale, but over the years they face challenges that test them bitterly. In times like these, they must rely on the love and care of their family. Amy and Lino find unwavering support from Amy’s sister, Zora. She’s been there for them from the start and is so dedicated to helping them that she often ignores herself in the process.

At times like this, she needs someone to watch over her, and she finds that person in Ken. He takes care of her when she takes care of others. He is an endearing character who is immediately sympathetic. Zora is inspired by Attica Locke, Tembi Locke’s sister, whose memoir serves as inspiration for the show. If this has you wondering if Ken is based on Attica’s husband, then we’ve got you covered.

Who is Attica Locke’s husband?

In “From Scratch”, Zora marries a former NFL player named Ken, who works as a teacher, like her. In real life, however, Attica Locke’s husband, Karl Fenske, is very different from Ken. He works as an assistant public defender in Los Angeles County and is the recipient of the Judi Schecter Award for Outstanding Work in Juvenile Practice. He was born in Chicago and raised in Missouri. He and Attica met while attending Northwestern University.

While the pair have been together for the better part of two decades now, Attica confessed that her first impression of Karl was not good. “He was so weird. He was white. I was a nice little girl, and it was this guy with long hair, a leather jacket, earrings, and he reeked of cigarette smoke. He was so arrogant! On the face of it, I couldn’t stand it,’ she told the Guardian. Over time, however, she warmed to him. “I started noticing things about him that made me question my initial judgment,” she added. Soon they fell in love and haven’t looked back since.

After college, they moved to Los Angeles, where Attica wanted to pursue a career in Hollywood. After some initial setbacks in her acting career, she moved into screenwriting, which eventually funded Karl’s law school. It was working with her on a project that steered him towards a career in public defense. After a screenwriting scholarship, Attica started working on a reality show called “World’s Wildest Police Videos”, and he served as a librarian.

“Police agencies all over the country were sending tapes. Some of them were car chases and the police took people out and beat them. And Karl kind of broke,” Attica said. This had such an impact on him that he decided to pursue a law degree and devoted himself to helping the oppressed. Later, when Karl got a stable job, he supported the family so that Attica could devote time to his novels, most of which are in the detective genre. One of the sources of her research is her husband’s legal career and experience in criminal defense.

In adapting “From Scratch” for Netflix, Attica and Tembi Locke made many changes to the characters and their storylines. For Zora and Ken, the gap is much more pronounced. In the series, Ken is a black man and his personality is quite different from Karl’s. Zora and Ken’s encounter also occurs at a very different time in their lives compared to Attica and Karl, who met when they were barely out of their teens. The trajectory of the two relationships is also very different, so it’s fair to say that for the purposes of the show, Ken’s character was created from scratch. Despite these differences, the most important similarity between the two men is that they are both kind and considerate people who are devoted to their wives.

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