Who stays married and who divorces?

Married at First Sight Season 15 Decision Day is right around the corner. After eight weeks of marriage, San Diego couples will soon have to decide whether to stay married or divorce. One of the five couples of this season has already made their choice. But what will the others do? We’ll find out on October 26, when the Decision Day episode airs on Lifetime. In the meantime, here are our predictions for who stays together and who breaks up.

Morgan and Binh from “Married at First Sight” Season 15 Have Already Had Their Decision Day

Morgan and Binh on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Lifetime via YouTube

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Married at First Sight experts thought Binh and Morgan were a perfect match, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. After a COVID-delayed wedding, the couple’s Mexican honeymoon from San Diego was derailed when Morgan discovered that Binh had spoken to one of the other couples about his concern that she lied about her training.

Binh’s concerns were the result of a misunderstanding, but Morgan never regained trust in her husband after this incident. When she found out he had told her MAFS Season 15 husband Justin about their marriage, she felt doubly betrayed. Binh’s efforts to make it up fell flat as the couple decided it was better to part ways than suffer for the rest of the eight-week experiment.

Stacia and Nate

Nate and Stacia from Season 15 of ‘Married at First Sight’ | Lifetime

Prediction: stay together

At 37, Stacia is a successful self-made woman who has almost everything to please. The only thing she lacks is the perfect husband to start a family with. She hopes she’s found the right guy in Nate, 34, a day trader. But is Nate ready to settle down and be a father? With Decision Day on the horizon, he becomes temperamental. He also admitted that the fear of not being good enough for his wife sometimes leaves him feeling insecure. Meanwhile, Nate’s inability to tell Stacia he’s in love with her has been a huge problem for her.

Nate and Stacia definitely have their issues. But they also seem to have a genuine connection – and a very important willingness to solve problems when they arise. We think they’ll both say yes on Decision Day.

Lindy and Miguel

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Prediction: Divorce

At the start of this season, we thought that Lindy and Miguel would be one of the couples to succeed. But after watching their relationship unfold, we’re not so sure. Lindy’s sheltered and ultra-religious upbringing means she brought a lot of baggage to her marriage, and it’s not clear that Miguel wants to take care of it. His emotional outbursts and difficulty staying focused also caused major conflict, which came into full play during the couples retreat. Meanwhile, Miguel has shown that he can be inflexible and even controlling at times, and that takes a toll on Lindy.

Still, we think Lindy could ignore their recent troubles and focus on the “blissful weeks” they had early in their marriage. We’re not so sure about Miguel. He seems exhausted by Lindy and dealing with her emotional needs. While we think Lindy will say yes, we suspect Miguel might be a no – and Lindy will walk away from her Married at First Sight experience with a broken heart.

Alexis and Justin

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Prediction: Divorce

Is there an easier prediction than this? Alexis and Justin got along well during their honeymoon, but things changed once they returned to San Diego and Justin’s dog, Mya, attacked Alexis’ dog, Newton. She insisted that he send her dog to a training camp; later he agreed to give Mya to a friend. Poor Justin was heartbroken, but Alexis doesn’t seem to appreciate his sacrifice – and Justin finally seems to realize it.

The doggie drama wasn’t the only problem in Alexis and Justin’s marriage. At first she said she was not attracted to her husband. While the two eventually consummated their marriage, Alexis made it clear to the other wives that she was unimpressed with the experience. In our opinion, she was removed from the marriage for some time. Justin, on the other hand, spent weeks bending over backwards to make things work with Alexis. But in the last episode, he seemed unsure if she was the right woman for him. Ultimately, we think both say no on Decision Day.

Kristen and Mitch

Mitch and Krysten from ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 15 | Lifetime

Prediction: stay together

Mitch did his marriage a disservice when he told Krysten he wasn’t attracted to her on their honeymoon. Although they have come back from this low point in their relationship and have forged a strong bond, both still have doubts about the future. There’s a chance that commitment-shy Mitch will get cold feet before Decision Day and decide he wants to go back to his single lifestyle. But he also seems to genuinely love and care about his wife. As for Krysten, she must decide if Mitch is capable of delivering the excitement and passion she wants from a relationship. Naturally, Krysten wants to be sure that her husband really wants to marry her.

This couple’s decision day is hard to predict, but we don’t think Mitch or Krysten are ready to throw in the towel. We think they choose to stay married, but no one knows if the relationship lasts.

The Season 15 Decision Day episode of Married at First Sight airs Wednesday, October 26 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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