Why Christine McVie Considered Herself the ‘Mother Teresa’ of Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie was a songwriter, vocalist, and keyboard player for Fleetwood Mac, also earning a reputation as the Mother Teresa of the rock group. The “Songbird” songwriter didn’t mind, though, later saying she “enjoyed the storm” of the band.

Christine McVie performed in Fleetwood Mac with John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac performs during Fleetwood Mac In Concert | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Although she was not a founding member of the group, Christine McVie joined Fleetwood Mac as a vocalist and keyboard player. She appeared on albums like Rumours and Tusk with her then-husband John McVie. 

The two officially separated in 1976 while Fleetwood Mac was touring, which Christine later admitted was “irresponsible,” according to Showbiz Cheatsheet. The couple remained on good terms, with McVie earning a reputation as the Mother Teresa of Fleetwood Mac. 

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Christine McVie ‘enjoyed the storm’ of Fleetwood Mac — even if she was the Mother Teresa of the band

Even decades after the Rumours drama, McVie maintained her peacekeeping reputation. She commented on her role as the voice of reason in the “eye of the hurricane” during an interview with Rolling Stone.

“That is apparently true, but I didn’t realize that at the time,” McVie said. “Yes, I was supposedly like the Mother Teresa who would hang out with everybody or just try and [keep] everything nice and cool and relaxed. But they were great people; they were great friends.”

Nicks and Buckingham often detailed their complicated relationship through music — the couple officially split around when Rumours released. Nicks briefly began a relationship with Mick Fleetwood. McVie said that, at the time, she didn’t think about her role as Fleetwood Mac’s honorary “Mother Teresa.” 

“I enjoyed the storm…,” she added. “Even though I am quite a peaceful person, I did enjoy that storm. Although it’s said that we fought a lot, we actually did spend a lot of our time laughing. So, that must have been forgotten. Great sense of humor.”

Even if there was drama between the band members, they remained linked through music, reuniting for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. All five musicians had a role in creating Rumours’ “The Chain.” McVie and Nicks, in particular, shared a close relationship, with Nicks even journaling about her friend.

“Seattle. Worried about Christine,” the “Edge of Seventeen” singer wrote. “Wishing some spiritual guidance would come from somewhere. Where are the crystal visions when I need them?”

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Christine McVie wrote ‘Songbird’ for Fleetwood Mac

Aside from her role as a keyboard player and a vocalist, McVie wrote songs for Fleetwood Mac. That includes “Songbird,” which currently holds over 85 million plays on Spotify. She later released solo music, including “God a Hold on Me,” “Love Will Show Us How,” and “I’d Rather Go Blind.” 

Music by Fleetwood Mac remains available on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

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