Why Does Phillies Star, Brandon Marsh, Always Look Greasy? It’s a Choice

Brandon Marsh joined the Philadelphia Phillies in August. Now, the 24-year-old outfielder is playing a pivotal role in the team’s World Series campaign. While most fans focus on Marsh’s plate appearances, his personal appearance still gets some looks. Brandon Marsh’s long locks look constantly wet. Some people argue that his hair is greasy. There is a reason for it. Marsh’s hair is an active choice, as he once explained.

Brandon Marsh prefers his hair to look wet at all times

Brandon Marsh’s hair appears so greasy that it looks perpetually soaking wet. He’s not alone in his styling choice. Several sports figures look forever moist. For Marsh, it’s because he actually is perpetually damp. The young slugger is apparently known for wetting his hair between innings. 

Brandon Marsh | Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Marsh once explained that he adds water to his head between innings because he prefers the “wet hair” look. He said that, if allowed to dry, things get “bristly,” and he finds that bothersome. He prefers keeping it damp, but it’s not the damp hair you find after a fresh wash. 

Brandon Marsh isn’t a huge proponent of regular shampooing 

While Brandon Marsh’s hair looks perpetually wet on the field because he keeps it damp, there is more that factors into his look than that. While Marsh keeps his hair wet on the field, he’s not a big shampoo fan. The 24-year-old told Fox Sports that he doesn’t feel the need to cleanse his hair particularly often. He uses shampoo just once a month. 

Brandon Marsh | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Marsh doesn’t make his once-per-month shampooing routine a big deal, either. The outfielder doesn’t use additional products, so no gel, creams, or conditioners go into his shoulder-length locks. It’s just a quick shampooing, nothing more. While his haircare routine is a bit unusual, his teammates certainly don’t seem to mind.

How often should you wash your hair? 

The amount of time Brandon Marsh leaves between hair washes is a bit excessive, but according to experts, most people are probably washing their hair a bit too often. According to Healthline, most people do not need to wash their hair daily. Most people don’t need to use shampoo every other day, either. In the majority of cases, it’s perfectly fine to only use shampoo every three to four days or even longer. In fact, it can be beneficial for the hair to allow several days to pass between washes. 

Bottles of TRESemme shampoos and conditioner | Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hair texture, moisture level, and physical activity should all be factored in when deciding when to wash one’s hair. For example, curly hair should be washed less frequently than other hair types, as frequent washes can actually damage naturally curly hair. 

Those who are more physically active, like professional baseball players, should probably wash their hair a bit more frequently, as the sweat can spread the natural oils in the hair, and dust and dirt can get caught up in the strands. Wearing a helmet or hat for an extended period may also mean you should wash more often. Brandon Marsh probably isn’t paying attention to that advice, though. 

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