Why isn’t Jared a detective anymore in Manifest season 4 part 1?

Fans tuning into the first episode of Manifest season 4 part 1 are likely to have a lot of questions, which was expected with the show opting to take a 2-year time jump.

Within the first 10 minutes of the season alone, the Manifest writers throw a lot of information and unexpected revelations our way including a shocking development for our favorite NYPD detective turned lieutenant, Jared Vasquez.

Just minutes into the season 4 part 1 premiere, Jared arrives at the Stone household to share an update with the family which isn’t anything unusual for Jared. What is unusual, however, is that Jared is rocking the standard uniform for a beat cops out working to maintain order on the streets.

We quickly learn that Jared had been bumped from detective over a year ago, but it’s not made clear in the scene why exactly Jared is no longer a detective. Luckily, that answer is revealed as the season progresses.

Warning: Manifest season 4 part 1 spoilers ahead.

How does Jared lose his detective shield in Manifest season 4?

In the season 4 premiere, we see Jared is back in his blues and he mentions having been bumped from detective over a year ago. What’s not made clear at that moment, though, is why exactly Jared has lost his detective shield and how he landed back at the bottom of the NYPD totem pole.

There are some hints dropped in the episodes that follow, but it’s not until the sixth episode of Manifest season 4 that we finally learn the reason why Jared was demoted — and it just makes us love Jared even more than we already did.

In an episode 6 flashback, we see Jared out in front of the 828 Registry during its early days which is when he witnesses an 828 passenger attempting to simply get inside the building for his mandatory monthly check-in being stopped and harassed by protesters outside. Things then escalate when a fellow NYPD detective starts to rough Sam up which is when Jared steps in, pulls the detective off the 828 passenger, and punches the detective out.

As we learn later via another flashback when Jared is having dinner with his family, Jared’s actions in helping the 828 passenger and punching the detective led to them taking his gold badge and his demotion from detective and lieutenant to patrol officer.

Does Jared become a detective again in Manifest?

While Jared begins season 4 of Manifest back in his police blues, he is able to get his detective shield back before the season’s end!

In the eighth episode of the season, Jared and Michaela work together to track down Noelle, who they believe to be the 828 killer. Although it ends up being Angelina’s dad, Kenneth, who is the real 828 killer, Noelle managed to wrack up a list of charges on her end including kidnapping and attempted murder so her capture is still a major win for the NYPD.

When Jared brings her for processing, the head of the 828 Registry approaches him with an offer to transfer to the Registry where he’ll regain his status as a detective.

While Jared struggles with the idea of working for the Registry at first, he eventually comes around to accepting the position in realizing he can do more good from within as a detective on their team than as a patrol cop.

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