Why Kane Brown Doesn’t Set Goals For Himself

Country singer Kane Brown has accomplished a ton in his relatively short time in the industry. The 29-year-old star continues to attract new fans to country music, thanks to his multiracial roots and his experimental blending of different genres.

Despite all that he has done so far, Brown revealed he doesn’t believe in goal-setting as a part of how he gets things done.

Kane Brown has been changing country music since 2016

Kane Brown in 2016 | Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Brown released his self-titled debut studio album in 2016. But he was making music before that, even gaining viral momentum in 2014. Brown posted several videos on Facebook of his covers of songs by artists like Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Billy Currington. So the stage was set by the time he released his debut single, “Used to Love You Sober.”

That track ultimately made it on his 2016 EP Chapter 1, followed later the same year by his full-length album. In 2018, Brown released his second studio album Experiment. As its name implies, it incorporates R&B sound into country music. Hit singles “Lose It” and “Good As You” kept Brown’s fan base growing, as did his 2020 release Mixtape, Vol. 1.

Kane Brown revealed why he doesn’t believe in goal-setting

In a recent appearance on the Zach Sang Show, Brown opened up about his music. The revelations covered include how his mood is affected by the type of song he’s recording and how dreams play into his creative process. But the singer doesn’t believe in setting goals.

“No, I don’t set goals because I feel that’s how you get let down. I’m a very depressed person, but I’m also a very happy person now. … I just try to always outdo myself, but with this album [2022’s Different Man], I knew it was going to be a little different.”

Brown’s approach seems to contradict what many fans might assume. After all, his meteoric rise in country music over the past few years feels like a calculated move to stardom. But it seems Brown opts to relieve the pressure he puts on himself to some extent. He allows for inspiration to strike when it may.

Kane Brown’s latest album, ‘Different Man,’ marks another shift

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With his third studio album Different Man, Brown said he approached it very, well, differently. For one, the album is the first time the singer co-produced one of his albums. In that regard, it does feel like Brown is taking more ownership of his sound. He’s allowing a variety of influences to shine through in his music like never before.

That certainly comes across with his R&B-inspired single “Grand.” Brown has explained that the track was his way of processing the COVID-19 pandemic. Though he came through to the other side, the whole experience left him battling depression. Thankfully, Brown’s music feels richer for all of the inspiration he put into it. 

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