Will Agatha and Tedros end up together at the school of good and evil?

Netflix’s “School for Good and Evil” is essentially a coming-of-age story set in fantasy. The plot revolves around Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie), childhood friends who enroll in the titular institution, where fairy tale heroes and villains are created. It was a dream for Sophie to become a princess, but she finds herself in the school of evil, while Agatha, who had no intention of coming here, reluctantly joins the school of good. Once there, they meet Tedros (Jamie Flatters), King Arthur’s son. Soon, a hint of a love triangle develops between Agatha, Tedros and Sophie. Here’s everything you need to know about it. FRONT SPOILERS.

After arriving at school, the girls immediately come to the attention of Tedros, who, being the son of the late King Arthur, wields significant power in this world. When Agatha and Sophie visit the schoolmaster’s tower, the latter tells them that the only way to change what has already been written by Storian, the sentient pen that documents everything that happens in fairy tale land, c is through true love, represented by a kiss. Although Agatha has grown closer to Tedros at this point, she decides to forgo her happy ending in favor of her friend’s. She shares with Sophie the right way to approach Tedros, especially because he carries with him the pain of his late father for his mother’s infidelity.

Meanwhile, Sophie begins to change as she is exposed to Rafal, the school’s evil co-founder. Sophie cuts her hair and seizes fate by the hand, soon becoming Tedros’ girlfriend, stunning the whole school. In its history, no Ever has dated a Never before. So when the schoolmaster suggests they have a story trial to see if their feelings for each other are true, Tedros gladly agrees, but Sophie, who knows it’s all been fabricated, is much more reluctant.

During the trial, Agatha accompanies Sophie and helps her. When Tedros faces a reaper, Sophie doesn’t help him, causing Tedros to realize the truth. He would probably have died without Agatha. Although the relationship ends abruptly, it helps Sophie quickly establish herself in a position of power among her peers at school.

Agatha benefits from an outside view of the situation between Evers and Nevers. It gives him a unique perspective that helps him realize that Rafal isn’t just fairy tale evil, but really is evil. But until then, Sophie is in the clutches of Rafal. She transforms into a grotesque creature and then tricks the Evers into attacking her and other Nevers. As the Evers must always defend, the roles are suddenly reversed. Tedros and all the other Evers suddenly become Nevers, and Sophie and her friends become Evers. Sophie goes to confront the schoolmaster but discovers that it is in fact Rafal. All those years ago, it was Rafal who survived the conflict between the brothers.

In the end, Sophie comes to her senses and sees Rafal for who he really is. She sacrifices her life to protect Agatha, who apparently kills Rafal with Tedros’ sword, the Excalibur. Although Agatha kisses Tedros at the end of the film, she has discovered that her true love is her best friend and decides to return to her native village with Sophie.

However, this is far from the end of Tedros and Agatha’s story. The film ends on a cliffhanger, with Tedros sending an arrow through the vortex between the two worlds. The film is based on the first entry in author Soman Chainani’s eponymous book series. There are six books in the series, and the final book, “One True King” (2020), ends with Tedros and Agatha becoming King and Queen of Camelot. So if the Netflix movies continue to follow the plot plan created by Chainani, Tedros and Agatha will also end up together on screen.

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