Winter House fans want Kyle Cooke to ‘be quiet’ amid Amanda and Lindsay drama

Amanda Batula and Lindsay Hubbard haven’t quite seen eye-to-eye after the latter was called the “rudest” Winter House cast member on WWHL. As the second season plays out, many think Kyle Cooke should have gotten involved.

After the drama erupted between the Bravo reality TV stars, viewers have shared their opinions on social media. Many are turning their heads to Amanda’s husband Kyle, who she runs a beverage company with Loverboy.

As Kyle knew Lindsay before meeting Amanda, some feel he should be “setting her [Amanda] straight” while others are pleased that he is sticking up for his wife. So what are fans saying about the whole situation?

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What did Amanda say about Lindsay?

During a game of ‘pick the guilty cast member’, Andy Cohen asked the question “Who is rudest to fans?,” to which guests Paige DeSorbo and Amanda said that no one was. However, the host answered himself and said: “Lindsay.”

Paige responded, “I didn’t say that” before Amanda added: “Yes, she can be. Yes, from my experience.” Paige then warned her: “Girl, you’re going to get an uncomfortable text later.” Amanda said: “You know what, listen I will, but.”

Andy then asked: “Did you see that at BravoCon at all?” Amanda replied to him: “No, she was wonderful at BravoCon. It’s been more caught off guard.” After the episode, Lindsay shared pics with fans and at Loverboy events.

GRV Media has contacted Kyle, Amanda, and Lindsay for comment.

Amanda and Lindsay drama

After Amanda agreed that Lindsay can be “rude to fans” on Watch What Happens Live, the latter took to her Instagram stories to show pictures of meeting fans and attending Loverboy – a company which Amanda and Kyle run – events.

As per Reality Tea, Lindsay wrote on her stories:

I don’t work for Loverboy yet showed up to support my friends over 30 times in 2021 out of love for Carl and out of support for my friends.. why would I do that if I didn’t like fans? Or if I was rude? Why would I VOLUNTEER to be at more events than I need to? Think about that one.

She added: “I’m so f–king tired of people dragging my name through the mud when I’m nothing but nice to them, show them kindness, respect, and support. Clean up your side of the street because mine is doing just fine.”

‘I wish Kyle would set Amanda straight’

There is a clear divide between what Kyle should be doing when it comes to Amanda and Lindsay’s feud. So far, he has his wife’s back, which has led some fans to think he is just as involved as her in the drama.

One fan praised the Winter House star for his involvement, and wrote: “I love how Kyle turned this question back on Andy about who is the rudest to fans from their cast, clearing Amanda’s name.”

Another said on Twitter: “I think Amanda is jealous of Lindsey. At the reunion she flat out told Kyle that Carl and Lindsey better not get a house before them or she’d be [angry].”

“I honestly feel bad for Kyle when Amanda makes these comments about Lindsay,” penned a viewer.

A fellow fan wrote on Amanda’s Instagram: “There is such a thing as just staying quiet, particularly about your colleague’s fiancée. They don’t need to take every opportunity to say hateful things about her. It’s tiresome.”

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