Zeina Khoury was hit with some surprises when Dubai Bling was filmed

Since dropping on Netflix on October 27, Dubai Bling has been a huge hit with viewers. From Danya and DJ Bliss’ relationship to Farhana’s social media career, Loujain’s dating life, and Safa and Fahad’s arguments over having a second child – the series is filled with drama, fallout, and even more iconic fashion moments.

All eight episodes of the show were available to watch at once, and for those who have binged Dubai Bling already, they may be wondering when Dubai Bling was filmed. So, let’s find out more about the Netflix show and what the cast thought of filming…

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Fans want to know when Dubai Bling was filmed

Dubai Bling dropped on Netflix in October 2022 but the show would have been filmed months prior to its premiere.

Given the events that take place during the Dubai Bling episodes – such as Farhana Bodi’s son Aydin’s birthday in March, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Kris and Brianna Fade’s wedding – Reality Titbit can estimate that filming took place in February and March 2022.

Snaps that correlate with scenes filmed for Dubai Bling can also be found on some of the cast members’ Instagram pages such as Ebraheem Al Samadi’s horse riding scene.

Netflix hasn’t provided an official filming date for the show, and many fans took to Twitter following the show’s launch to ask questions about when filming took place. One asked if Real Housewives of Dubai was filmed at the same time.

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Zeina was left in ‘shock’ during filming

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar about her filming experience, Zeina Khoury said: “…At times we are asked to be in a certain location and then suddenly one of the cast members joins the scene unexpectedly and opens a subject leaving you in shock and unable to control your reactions or emotions.”

Zeina, who hails from Lebanon, is a real estate CEO. When explaining why she wanted to take part in the show, she said that she considers Dubai her “second home” and that she wanted to share her story of success with others.

Danya Mohammed also spoke with Harper’s Bazaar and said that she found filming “fun” and wanted to take part in Dubai Bling as it was something that took her out of her comfort zone.

Ebraheem made a BFF on the show

Many of the cast members of Dubai Bling have reflected on their experience of filming the Netflix series.

Speaking to Fact Magazine, Ebraheem said that the best part of filming for him was that he “got a friend out of it”.

He and Danya, AKA Diva Dee, formed a friendship on the show. Ebraheem said: “Because of Netflix we met – she’s like another sister and a sister that my mum never had.”

Ebraheem also added in his Fact Magazine interview: “Everything that was filmed was actually filmed by the production team. Nothing was stock footage. They did helicopter shots, drone shots. We were on yachts and private planes.”

Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Netflix



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